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If Starbucks sold french fries, how many annoying variations on an order might they offer?

Asked by eaglei20200 (191points) April 7th, 2009

And what would they be called? This was a dinner table conversation that went terribly, terribly wrong.

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there’d only be one type of fry but they’d be covered in milk and cost $8. and they wouldn’t taste like french fries.

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Sounds like your conversation went terribly, terribly right to me! ;)

Let’s see… There would be curly fries, regular fries, Jojos, criss-crossed, etc. Added salt or cheese would cost an additional dollar. So if you wanted salt and cheese, it would be an additional two dollars. Add another dollar for the cost of energy it takes them to serve you the fries hot. All in all, you can assume one small order of Starfries will cost you twenty dollars.

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Don’t forget that Canadian Starbucks’s will also serve poutine.

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@buster does that mean that Starbucks in “rough” parts of town will offer pootang?

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@buster My kids had already come to this one—they love the stuff. And no, we’re not. Why would you ask, eh?

@DrasticDreamer And we thought about different catsups/ketchups. Thinking maybe half-tom, half-pom (the other half being pomegranate ketchup—very expensive, but oh, so sophisticated!

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Now I want french fries…

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mmm, coffee fries… c’mon @aviona, my treat!

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i believe they would call them frites instead of fries…having said that, i’ll have a
venti non-fat dijon frites please.

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Yeah they’d definitely be frites, not fries.

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There would be 12 different flavours of mayonnaise in which to dip your frites. They’d probably rip off every single Belgian method of preparing, serving and accompanying frites. They’d play even more French jazz than usual, and probably some horrid Johnny Halliday record form 1978, because they’d figure Americans wouldn’t know the difference. None of which wouldn’t quite work in NYC as there’s at least one frites shop in every hip part of town.

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Huh… just imagine if there was a Starbucks ice cream.


A fella can dream I guess.

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@robmandu that stuff is awesome.

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Starbucks overroasts their fries but i understand why, its so theyre still rather rich after you coat them with all sorts of sweet toppings.

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