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Can exercise be effective if done randomly throughout the day?

Asked by Jayne (6756points) April 8th, 2009

I’m not looking to get built here. I just want to increase my general upper-body strength a bit. I don’t have the motivation to actually undergo a workout regimen, particularly as I get enough activity to maintain a decent level of fitness from juggling, playing badminton, tennis, etc. What I can do is a few sets of push-ups or pull-ups, maybe some sit-ups (anyone know any exercises that don’t end in -ups? This is getting rather monotonous) as a bit of a break from homework or whatever it is I am doing. At the end of the day I will have done perhaps 100–150 push-ups in sets of 15–20, 50 pull-ups in sets of 10, etc. Is this an effective way to gain some strength, or am I getting sore for nothing? Do I have to do my exercise all at once, with a warm up and all the frills, to get a reasonable benefit?

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ABSOLUITLY!! Some times short bouts are even more effective.

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Yes, exercise can be effective if done randomly throughout the day.

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@Jayne: Bench press your dad whenever you pass him in the hall.

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Great question! I was wondering this myself. Now I’m off to do some sit ups.

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@gailcalled; I’d be afraid of breaking the frail old man.

Not really. We could probably take turns, actually.

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Definitely! I’ve worn wrist weights under my shirt and that distributed the workout. In fact, it was a much bigger workout than you’d expect. Driving, typing, eating, walking. In the beginning I could not last 1/2 day. When I could go from morning to night with it them on I added weight. You don’t need much.

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To get out of the “up” rut try doing crunches, curls, pull-downs, leg lifts, hamstring curls, upright rows, calf raises and squats.


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Sustained exercise for 40+ minutes is the most effective way to exercise although little bursts of exercise throughout the day is better, much better, than no exercise.

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Well, that’s encouraging. Thanks, guys!

@Darwin; what on earth is a pull-down? Perhaps that is what Chuck Norris does, because the earth is trying to run away.

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@jayne If you can install a pull up bar and just do as many pull ups as you can at random points during the day you’ll notice a big difference quickly.

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Some exercise is better then none, obviously!
But to lose weight its better to do exercise just once for a longer period of time, as the whole point of exercise is to raise you heart beat so by only doin little bursts its not raising your heartbeat!
But im not saying it wont work! some in defo better then none!
Ull just notice more of a difference doin at for longer period of time.

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@Jayne – A pull-down is an exercise for your lats – you pull down on a bar that is connected to weights and strengthen the muscles that run diagonally up and down the sides of your rib cage. I’m sure Chuck Norris does a lot of pull-downs. Guys like him love to have good lats. And delts, and quads, and glutes, and abs and so on monosyllabically.

At the very least doing short bursts of exercise during the day will help you stay awake and allow you to use a few more calories than just sitting at a desk would. Better to exercise a little bit throughout the day than not exercise at all.

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Most restrooms in building where I’ve worked have a handicapped stall and the handrail mounted to the wall is great for balance if you can get in about 5minutes straight leg swings/kicks. It’s worked well for me on days when I’m working over 8hrs or the weather isn’t good to go outside the building for a walk.

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If you are getting sore then it is working.
This is an absolutely effective method and it surely is better than not doing it.
Also may try squats and wall sits. Lunges are good to. Just for a few that don’t end in “ups”.

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As a follow up, is it still true in this case that I should only do this every other day, provided that I am doing enough each day to become substantially sore? If so, would it be more effective for me to do less, every day?

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If you are becoming sore you should only stretch the sore area briefly. You can alternate days. If your abs are sore then work on your legs the next day. Doing it every other day would be okay but is not absolutely necessary if you alternate what you are working out. I would say take at least one day off though for whole body recuperation. Also I was told that you should only be slightly sore, not substantially sore. So perhaps take it down a notch.

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Doesn’t anybody do jumping jacks anymore? The answer to the question is yes, even 5 minutes out of every waking hour will help, especially if you a couch potato like me. My doctor insists on it.

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Switch your juggling balls for bowling balls, chubby infants, or if you want the same ball size then instead of use balls made of neutron star matter. Simple changes like these can work wonders.

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Neutron stars? I’d rather my juggling balls not fall through my hands, my feet, and the floor beneath then, if it’s all the same to you.

The idea of weighted juggling balls, however, is not that far fetched. Unfortunately, the forming process used on those balls is rather inadequate for the amount of force they undergo when they land, and the seams tend to split.

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Neutron stuff doesn’t need seams. It won’t fall through everything once you are beefy enough, just give it a chance. Don’t knock it till you’ve tried it.

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doesnt matter when u are doing the work. As long as you are getting it in and continue to do so, you will gain strength

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If you are a skinny guy like me trying to put on muscle then nothing beats a routine at the gym with a protein packed diet to match.

Ofcourse there are so many approaches to getting ‘fit’ or ‘strong’ or ‘buff’ depending on what your goal is. For most pple this means building muscle but more importantly losing weight. I assume this is not the case for you.

As WarrenV says constantly surprising your body and changing routine is a very effective thing. But only if u had a routine to start with. If you havent done much power lifting or strength training and you want to put on muscle you have to start at the core. Squats and dead lifts are the most grueling but MOST EFFECTIVE excercise for the skinny guy. Anything that trains muscle groups rather than just one muscle. Pull ups and dips are great too.

Real body strength lies in the joints and tendons rather than in big bloated muscles. Knees,hands, wrists, abdomen and neck are the core to a strong body. Dont leave these out when you are working out, especially hands. Buy yourself one of those grippers.

Also try the following when doing push ups,sit ups etc.. Instead of doing as many you can, do them for as LONG as you can. Try to to do reps for a full minute and keep the pace slow. Then do a handstand against the wall,dip slightly and keep this up for as long you can. Try to make a minute, next time longer and so on….

There is so much u can look up on Youtube etc, just avoid all the internet scams and bs. Remember each person has a different metabolism and you have to understand yours before you find the right workout u need to achieve the goal you want..

Good luck :)

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I don’t see why not.

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