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Straight ladies, did you ever have another woman come on to you, have a "crush" on you, or that was interested in you? If so, how did you deal with it (or not)?

Asked by Jude (32134points) April 8th, 2009
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I’ve been come on to by a lesbian only once. Sad. :( She sat down next to me in Vegas, flirtily chatted for a bit, and invited me to an Ani DiFranco show (for reals) later that night. I said no thanks, then casually mentioned something about my boyfriend… pretty much exactly what I’d do if a nice but unappealing guy came on to me. No need to treat the situation any differently.

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Side question: Straight guys… the same?

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My sister gets hit on by women (and men too) all the time. I think that it’s because most people interpret her communication style as flirting. She has a habit of touching people when she talks to them.

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One of my neighbors was bi, and she constantly hit on me when she was drunk… even though we were both married. She’d run her fingers through my hair and whisper to me how much she’d like to kiss me. I basically just fended her off the same way I’d fend off a drunk male friend who was overstepping his bounds… in a kind, joking way. I was pretty flattered. :)

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so far, this isn’t turning out as juicy as I imagined.

when I was in my 20s, I asked a gay male colleague(sp?) who was 20 if I could crash at his house. it was an experiment on my part to resolve my (public) transpo and work schedule problem. I went so far as to sleep in the same bed as him – in my mind in an effort to demonstrate I wasn’t weirded out by him being gay. needless to say I was on the couch fairly quickly after being awoken in the middle of the night.

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I got hit on at a party and said to the woman, “Uh, I’m sorry, I’m not a lesbian. But thank you, I’m flattered.” IIRC, she figured I wasn’t one, but thought I was attractive enough to give it a shot. Aw.

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One of my classmates got really smashed on her birthday and kept trying to make out with me and one of our other classmates. She knew we weren’t lesbians, since we were all classmates, but we felt bad because it was her birthday and she was so drunk. We just kind of danced with her. We were on the shores of Lake Nicaragua.

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Yep it’s happened to me. Each time I’ve been very clear that I was not interested. It didn’t work any of those times. I had to remove myself from the situation. Typically they were quite out of it (drunk) and when they became sober they no longer were so forward about their feelings.

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I get hit on by women. I just tell em I’m not gay…I kinda like it though :)

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Only once and it was a girl I was pretty good friends with at the time. Me and a group of my straight friends had become close with a group of lesbians and my best friend roomed with a couple of them. We spent massive amounts of time all together just hanging out. One day this girl got drunk and admitted she had had a crush on me, but that she was over it, LOL. I guess being over it gave her the confidence to say it because if I acted weirded out, she could just say, “But I’m over it, so don’t worry.” It didn’t weird me out, I was flattered. And we remained friends after that for quite a while.

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I get hit on by gay guys now and then. The worst is if they touch my arm or something UGH! I guess its diferent with men, because they don’t say anything. It’s more like harrasing treatment when you don’t welcome it. I just change topics and become very strict. Only one time I had to push a drunk guy, because he kept insisting to s my d that was very annoying, and not flattering

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I get hit on by women all the time. I think I actually skew gay. I’m usually just very nice about it and just kind of say hey I’m pro penis. Thanks though.

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I had a friend (who has since moved away) ask me one time if I ever wondered what it was like to be with a woman. I admitted that I had wondered but I wasn’t inclined to try it. She would bring the subject up again if she got tipsy, but never acted on it beyond that.

There’s also a female ‘frequent flier’ inmate that has a crush on me. When I was running her housing unit she said she loved me as I left for the night. I treated the incident the same as if it were a male inmate. I told her that is inappropriate behavior, and if it continues it will be construed as harassment and she won’t like the attention she receives in response.

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I’ve known this girl amber for quite some time now. From the first time I met her she told me she was “bi”. I didnt care because it’s not my place to judge someone on what they like. Everything was fine and dandy and we hung out once and a while.

One night though I threw a huge bonfire at my house and had a ton of friends come over. She came over and we all had a good time. Towards the end of the night she came up to me and we were talking, she leaned in and tried to kiss me. I pushed her off and was like wow, what you doing girl. She was like kay, i’ve been in love with you since we became friends and I always thought you felt the same way because you never stopped me from flirting. ( mind you I flirt with everything and everyone, it’s the type of person I am.) I had to tell her I wasnt into girls and that she can;t do things like that.

To this day we don’t talk as much, because she still likes me. But I’m not like that :/

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It’s never happened to me, not really. One of my best friends used to try to kiss me when we got drunk in college, but I don’t think she’s even bi. She just likes to be shocking (this was a small Indiana college by the way, where girls kissing would still be considered shocking). I think once at a bar she managed to lay one on me, but we both just cracked up. We used to act very friendly to each other at bars so that guys would buy us drinks.

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I’ve had women hit on me, it was at a gay club…so not too surprising. I was with my gay friends. I let the girls know I wasn’t gay, but I still had fun with them. Flirting with women is so much different than flirting with men. I don’t know what it is.

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only one of my best friends when she’s drunk. but she flirts with everyone when she’s drunk. the best part is when she flirts with a girl, she always starts off by saying, “i’m not a lesbian, but…” which just makes us all crack up. usually when she does it, i’m drunk too, and i just tell her, “that’s really sweet, honey, i think you’re really great, too, but i don’t want to kiss you, okay.” and/or i try to distract her with a diversion.

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A friend on mine had a crush on me and openly flirted and admitted it and was really rather shameless about it. It lasted all of 2 weeks and I just laughed every little sexual innuendo off. It was easier.

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