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What happened to Salerno butter cookies?

Asked by praiseishere (1points) April 10th, 2009

Ive been craving them

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Ahaha, nice one, Gail.

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@asmonet : Why do some of the repeats show up word for word? One of life’s little mysteries, I guess.

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The bakery that made them also made Archway cookies. I believe Archway was bought out or licensed to another bakery; I did find Archway at Kroger’s over Christmas (Cashew Nougat cookies are yummy).

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I have never heard of Salerno butter cookies. I must live in a state that doesn’t carry them.

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OMG, good question… Hmm now I am craving them! I forgot about those yummy flower shaped butter cookies. I’d get them all the time when I was in kindergarten as an afternoon snack & though this was many, many years ago it brings back good memories.

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