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Will you attend church services tomorrow for Easter?

Asked by Mamradpivo (9635points) April 11th, 2009

I know a lot of people go to church only for major holidays. If you have a family, will you take your kids? If you go tomorrow, do you regularly attend? Just curious.

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No… Not a big fan of religion. I didn’t actually know it was Easter. We used to go to Sunday school, but I am sure my mom looked at that as free babysitting.

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Yes. I regularly attend & I’ll certainly be there tomorrow. This has been a whirlwind week with things going on in our church for holy week that I was involved in. Easter is busier in the church than Christmas is!

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No. It’s a shame in a way, because I sometimes miss the social ritual part. But I go back in the doors from time to time, such as for my grandmother’s recent funeral, and all I hear now is fear and control. Can’t go home again in this case.

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I hate when people only show up at church for the major holidays. It’s so insincere. I haven’t been to church in a while, and I’m not gonna start going now just because it’s Easter.

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No, I don’t think I’ve ever gone for Easter. I don’t regularly attend either.
I don’t even know what the religious aspect to Easter is..Did Jesus die on the second sunday of april? I dunno. Easter is just a day where extended family gets together, in my family. Some are more religious than others, they go to church before dinner.

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No. I too believe that if someone chooses to follow a religion, they should be committed to it, and not just make an appearance on the Holy Days.

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@johnpowell I only found out it was Easter this morning, that’s why I asked the question. I remember growing up Easter was always something to look forward to. We would go skiing because the mountain was pretty empty.

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I go to church with my parent’s from time to time, even though I am a Baha’i now. Not sure about tomorrow because their plans are up in the air still.

I don’t mind going when there is an inspirational sermon, but that only seems to be about half of the times I have gone with them in the past couple of years. Otherwise, it’s fine for them because it is their social scene, but not mine.

I realized I had sort of forgotten about it a couple of weeks ago when I mentioned plans I had for Friday and my mom said “Holy Friday?”

This year is a unique one I think because Passover coincided with the Holy week, much as it did during Christ’s last year. i think

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Nope. I will be looking for the Easter Bunny though!

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Sunrise. A wonderful family tradition, although our church stopped doing it so we go to another church for it.

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No. But to those who are going – enjoy!

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I will be going tomorrow, and I go regularly.

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Yep, I’m a regular. Big fan of Jesus! Easter is the celebration of him showing his love for us. So I will be there to say thanks for loving me even though I don’t always love him or those around me.

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No, I’m Jewish. I went to a seder on Thursday night.

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Negatory. I even lucked out and don’t have to work tomorrow! Easter, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, and Father’s Day are the worst in the restaurant business.

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I will be attending work for 12 hours on Easter Sunday. For those going to the house of worship, get Holy not only for yourselves but for me too and enjoy the Easter egg hunts afterwards or whatever it is you do to commemorate the Easter holiday.

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Nope. Jewish. If I was invited I’d attend, though. Always wanted to see how the nice Jewish boy who went into his father’s business made out.

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No, but to all you people out there: happy Easter.

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i really wish i didn’t have to tag along with my mother and aunt. i don’t go to church normally, and i feel like a (very awkward) hypocrite for going tomorrow.

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Stay home and watch TV.

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