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How do you guys teach your dogs to poop in the right places?

Asked by AMR (4points) April 14th, 2009
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I poop there first and stick his nose in it so he knows where to go

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The secret to training is consistency. If you want your dog to defecate in a particular area, you’ll need to take him out on a lease every time he goes outside (during the training period). Walk him in the target area, and praise effusively when he goes in the correct area. Don’t scold if he does it in the wrong area, but get all kinds of excited and happy when he does it right. When you have multiple successes and no failures, you can start letting him go on his own (if that’s what you normally do – you don’t mention if you have a fenced yard or if you typically leash walk).

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I consider anywhere that’s NOT in the house as the “right place”

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It can help to set aside an area where the ground where you want the dog to go is different than the ground around it. When we were training our dog we got a few bags of sand and spread it in the back of the yard. Whenever the dog had to go out we would bring him back there on a leash and let him go. Eventually we could just open the door and he’d go there by himself. [The sand makes cleaning up easier too.]

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