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Say, if you posed nude for a drawing and it turned out really well, would you frame it and hang it in your home? Or would you feel like a big ol' narcissist, if you did that?

Asked by Jude (32198points) April 15th, 2009

It’s just the body, no face. Rather large – 20” x 30” (roughly). And, well done.

no one has to know that it’s you, if you don’t tell them

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Frame it and hang it proudly.

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Art is art. Narcissism is putting ONLY pictures of yourself in your house. What you are describing would not seem narcissistic to me, nor would I think of anyone as being narcissistic for displaying such a piece. If anything, I would respect them more for having the guts to proudly display a nude drawing of themselves!

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It’s art. That doesn’t make you self centered if you like the piece.

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Have the artist give the drawing a different shaped head, hair, face, but keep the body. I don’t need my mom or kids thinking about my areolas or butt-wrinkles.

I’d be proud and happy just knowing I was the model and the drawing came out well. :) I don’t think there’s anything wrong in liking a drawing of yourself.

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Hang it up, that sounds cool!

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i’d hang it up, until someone came along and said “What is that guy in the sweater posing with that anaconda?”. Then i’d take it down.

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@3or4monsters It’s from the neck down. No face.

Thanks for your responses. I’m thinking about doing it (framing/hanging).

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Can you send me a copy of the picture so I can give a better opinion?

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If I liked that sort of art, I’d put it up. I do have nice nude drawings of me, but ya know..with a toddler, I don’t feel like him pointing and saying “mommy’s boobies!”

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In that case, can YOU send me a copy of the picture so I can give a better opinion?

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I’d sell it on ebay like I did with all the others.

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@casheroo i’ll hang on to them, if you don’t want him to see them.

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How do you get involved in this kind of posing, anyway? I suddenly feel the need for a drawing of me.

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@Likeradar I VOLUNTEER! I have a camera that does GREAT drawings!

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@Likeradar It was done by a good friend of mine who is an artist, although she hadn’t done sketches in awhile. She had asked me and I had no problem with it. It took 3 hours and I wasn’t able to move, really (I was standing). She fed me sips of wine whilst I was standing. :)

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It would depend purely on its artistic merit, and not how it made me look. Also how it may fit with the rest of my home (I have one such nude hanging in my living room, sort of abstract though).

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I’d hang it in my grandmother’s retirement home… with a big sign under it reading ”[Such and such’s] Grandson/daughter”

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I say hang it, and every time you look at it you will get that little feeling of “damn I look good!”.

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Hang it up, it’s either that or you let it collect dust somewhere…

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No face? This is easy- hang it!

Great question.

I am good friends with several professional figure artists and had never thought about this aspect. Many of them are commissioned for such work by clients who hang it in their home.

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I surely would

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I agree with @Dog, since there’s no face I would definitely hang it! And like @dynamicduo said, this is just one piece. You’re not plastering your house in photos/drawings of yourself. Go for it!

Man, I want someone to photgraph or draw me nude so that when I’m old I can remember what I looked like when I was young!

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Here I AM!!!

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I might hang it in the bedroom, but not in the living room.

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My mom has one of herself hanging in the hallway. It’s mostly of her back but her head is slightly turned and you can see a little side-boob. She was like 25 when it was done. Yep, hanging proudly in the hallway for all my friends to see. But, whatever, she was a hottie and it’s tasteful.

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Hang it but not as a center piece.

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I have one in my living room.

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I would proudly hang up any image of me that came out “really well”

I’ve already posed semi-nude for B&W photos,(it was for a friend, and it was just me, her, and the camera in the studio,no audience) I could consider full nude for drawing or painting, if I felt comfortable enough with the artist.

never mind narcissism, I’d feel honored just to be asked, and as a bonus, it could keep uptight conservative philistines out of my home :) (major BONUS!)

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I have, and I let hubby post it in his den.

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