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My best friend is dating this really great guy..and I still like him..?

Asked by emmy23 (256points) April 16th, 2009

Ok so I met this guy awhile back ago and I liked him and he liked me. All was great until i introduced him to my best friend. Then he started liking her and she liked him back. I was really hurt at first but I moved on. Well now they are together and completely happy. They even tell each other they love each other..which makes me completely miserbale because I realized I still like him. I am glad that they are happy but I feel like I got him stolen from me in the fist place. What should I do??

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Leave it be. People aren’t like things you can buy in the store, first come first serve. They have feelings for each other. Don’t interfere.

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That sucks royally. as @squirbel said, you should probably just leave it be. Trying to react will just be bad for all three of you at this point, and even if you break them up he would only get with you if this was a disney movie. I’m not so sure that you’re friend is one to keep around, if she knew you liked him she should have backed off and squashed his advances. I know I wouldn’t wanna keep around a friend that doesn’t keep my own best interests in mind along with her own.

(oh, and it’s miserable)

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Been there almost exactly. It’s hard. :(. But @squirbel put it pretty much perfectly.
I assume you’re fairly young? Use this as practice for how to handle not getting the guy you want. It happens, and the best thing you can do for yourself and everyone involved and in your life is to learn how to handle these situations with dignity. oh, and ice cream. Ice cream, exercise, sad movies, and meeting other people can help.

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Love them both and wish them the best. After all, they are your friends, right? If you were with him, wouldn’t you want your best friend to be happy for you?

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Leave it alone. Their apparent happiness has probably sharpened the pain for you for the moment, but it will get easier in time. @ru2bz46 makes a great point – wish them both the best and keep moving forward.

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I’ve been in and witnessed similar situations. I would just think of it this way: You are a great friend because you introducing this guy to your friend, has obviously made her very happy! Kudos to you ma’am!

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I have definatly been in this situation before. In a time like this you need to figure out which is more important, your best friend or getting the guy. I personnally think that best friends stick around in your life way longer than guys. Try finding someone else or something else you like to do distract yourself from him and her together.

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