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Asked by itsnotmyfault1 (203points) December 3rd, 2007

Does anyone have the link for this comic: i have no idea what it’s called.
At first its a bunch of random short comics, the only one i can remember is that the main character (female) is sitting on top of her house watching some guy she has a crush on. A little gnome comes up and asks her why she doesn’t just go down and talk to him. The main character splits into two, and the one half goes to talk to him, and it starts to rain.
More recently, there’s the big Robot thing that makes a “Pom Pom Pom” sound when it walks, looks like a Golem, and has wings. It’s somehow used for time travel, and the time travelers have come back in time.
The main character works at a shop where they let people relive thier memories, and the woman is also copying the memories and is planning on uploading them into the Golem.
Another detail is that she knows they’re not from this time period, because they have a spaceship that can maintain a low geostationary orbit at a point not above the equator.
any help would be great.

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oh good! i was going to suggest maybe bellen or whiteninjacomics….both pretty good!

glad you found it! =)

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