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Assuming you are a super hero, who would be your sidekick?

Asked by DWW25921 (6498points) December 9th, 2013

Every super hero needs a sidekick. Not that they’re particularly helpful beyond comic relief and occasionally getting in the way… Who would you choose? What genre would you be a hero in?

You can have as many as you like from whatever genre you wish. You can even make one up or have a celebrity be your sidekick! Examples;

Television; Craig Ferguson
Video Games; Rikku FF 10
Silly Cartoon; Scooby Doo
Scholastic Cartoon; Captain Huggy Face
Sci-Fi; Rose Tyler
Western; Tonto

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If I could be a super hero,
I would be Justice Guy.
Making sure people get what they deserve,
especially women who lie.
Like if a wife left her husband with 3 kids and no job,
to run off to hawaii with some doctor named ‘Bob’.
I would skin them and drain them of blood, so they die.
Then I would be Justice Guy.

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@ragingloli Oh dear… I think I fear you now…

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Well, first you would have to define yourself, as a superhero, so I would be Digital Man. Therefore, it only fits that my sidekick would be Analog Boy.

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@filmfann I can dig it! I think my super power would be overcoming the bad guys with my good looks and charisma. That’s pretty darn powerful!

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A motorbike riding Geisha girl named Sue Zooki, my sidekick would be named Kickstand, mainly around just for support…can’t have my bike falling over.

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@ucme that’s awesome…

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I thought so.

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Good thing you did not choose to be ‘Priest Man’, otherwise you would have to shorten your sidekick’s name by two letters.

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Fembots. The whole team.

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I’d be Flutherman (sounds like a rabbi if pronounced correctly) and my sidekick would be—who else?—Auggie.

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Super Horse. Not only would he be an awesome sidekick, he would have an awesome side kick.

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Super Goat might be a good choice too because he wouldn’t talk BAAAck.

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My younger self.

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Auggie can’t be a side kick.

Um my side kick would be timothy olyphant. Yep. I am that good, lmao

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^Yay – I missed ya @rebbel – my faithful sidekick.

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I’d take Inspector Gadget. Sometimes, to do the job correctly, you really need a left handed framistat bearing. IG has at least 2 in his coat.

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My sidekick would be STD Guy. You gonna screw with him?

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Y’all are so creative! A little awkward too but it’s workable! How about Chuck Norris as a sidekick… Or a kick in the head…

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In the same vein we could have Holey Rubber. You want to fuck with that?

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There will always be a foolish bad guy that would try…

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Yeah, most bad guys aren’t too bright. You use a condom and it doesn’t work and you get to be a Dad. Bummer.

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If it’s a bad guy’s kid it’s called “spawn”... To further the cause of evil and destruction! Mua ha ha ha! Kind of reminds me of Goldmember. Ha! Good times. Dr. Evil and his family moment… I digress… Good guys have kids, they could go either way. Bad guy kids are always bad.

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I want to be The Joker and have Danny Devito as my sidekick. DD just screams sidekick.

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I’ll b eARagorn and my sidekick will be (and is) Frodo.

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I would have a crew of sidekicks. My target would be gangs. I would be The Street Cleaner, and I would go after them with my team of Gang Busters.

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@Jonesn4burgers I think you’re the first to mention an actual mission!

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@Jonesn4burgers I like your cause. Can I be on your team? My superpower is technology.

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Sure! You take Gothem I’ll take Metropolis.

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Oh, Geez! I’m already a Super Hero… I am Double Standards Girl and my trusty companion is Professor Dark Horse. I have an offspring who goes by the Nomenclature of ‘Question Everything Boy’.

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I’d be glad for all the volunteers I can get, @DWW25921, @LuckyGuy . I’ve talked with a few gang members. Some really want out, and see absolutely no way. I used to have a friend who found out her daughter was running with a girl gang. I once had a little elementary school girl who asked what she should do about some big girls who threatened to kill her if she didn’t run drugs for them. I just have this thing about gangs and wanting the insanity to just for gosh sakes stop. You guys can be gang busters. How do you look in tights? Oh no, Mt Dew just came out my nose. I gotta clean my keyboard.

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Charlie Day, no doubt.

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@Jonesn4burgers You grab ‘em and I will make sure they never reproduce. Deal?

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