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You can only recommend one book to a person that you believe will positively change his or her life forever. What is the name of that book & why?

Asked by exo20811 (55points) April 17th, 2009

Ideological, religious, philosophical, self-improvement, career/financial development. The subject matter does not matter. You can ONLY name ONE book and a short description on why.

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“Illusions” by Richard Bach.
The best book written about the human condition.
nuff said.

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“Naive. Super.” by Erlend Loe. It helped me to appreciate little things and to relax.

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Feeling Good by David Burns.

Now before you start muttering to yourself, Oh, that corny old shite, the point of the book is to teach you how to stop thinking those negative, erroneous thoughts that cause you to hate yourself, to judge others and to do things that are against your best interests. Thoughts cause feelings which cause behavior. This book teaches you empathy for yourself and for others.

It teaches you how to listen so you can stop those negative thoughts in their tracks as well as how to better listen to others and be present with them. It doesn’t mean you’ll always get what you want, but it should make for harmonious dealings with yourself and others most of the time.

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Oh, that corny old shite… IHATEYOUKEVBOJERKFACE!

j/k ;-)... it’s a good book and a worthy recommend.

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I’ll throw my two cents.. I have numerous books to recommend, but here’s a recent one I read. The China Study Why? If this book doesn’t convince you to be a vegetarian as one aspect for healthy living… NOTHING will. :)

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The Voice of Knowledge
If you are on your way to discovering inner peace, wondering what the Hell “inner peace” is, or if you think you have already found inner peace, this book (or audio book) can really help you on your journey.

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@ru2bz46 I thought that book was very good “The Voice of Knowledge”. The author’s writings are what ultimately led me BACK to the Bible and ultimately Christianity, since he borrowed so much from it. Very good book and recommendation!

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@exo20811 Thanks. My yoga teacher lent it to me when she knew I was taking a road trip out of state. I listened to it twice on the trip, then bought it when I got home. I liked it so much because it seemed to fill in a few holes that I had left in my own mind. Remembering it just now, I’m on Amazon to get The Four Agreements and The Mastery of Love by the same author.

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Melodie Beatty’s The Language of Letting Go
The reason? It helped me immensely during a really troubled time in my life.

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“Speak” by Laurie Halse Anderson. Definitely aimed towards mature high school students. Captures harsh conformity of the high school cliques and teenagers struggles to find acceptance from their peers. This book deals with rape, drinking, cliques, and many more things teens go through. More of a warning book. Very good, you won’t be dissapointed. Also, her writing form is different than many other authors. I find that you will probably enjoy that.

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To change someone’s life. That is a good one. I think I would recommend Native American Postcolonial Psychology.

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“Feel the Fear and Do It Anyhow”

The title says it all.

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I refuse to answer because the implication of the form, I find questionable.

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I’d go with The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz

It’s simple and approachable and effective if applied to one’s life.

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On The Road by Jack Kerouac. It changed my life. Why not someone else’s?

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How to Quit Smoking by Alan Carr

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The Book of Ultimate Truths by Robert Rankin (AWSOME!)

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@rooeytoo That ”“Feel the Fear and Do It Anyhow” was a good read also. Thanks for suggesting!

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@SeventhSense Would have been easier to just suggest a book instead…??

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@fireside Good recommendation “The Four Agreements”. Those books led me to the bible.

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The Case for Animal Rights by Tom Regan. It’s simply one of the most cogent and well-defended philosophical arguments ever. It certainly changed my life in a way I find positive.

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Kill It and Grill It by Ted and Shemane Nugent
It is full of wonderful recipes for wild game, and it teaches a very healthy way to nourish our bodies without added hormones and other toxins by eating free-range, nature-fed meat. Now that is a positive lifestyle change!

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The Revolution: A Manifesto , by Ron Paul. This book really opened my eyes to the constitution, how our government was intended to be (lots of great, juicy quotes from the founding fathers), and the way it became bloated and corrupt.

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Also, Recipes For Disaster: An Anarchist Cookbook

It’s full of useful info. Everything from organizing bicycles collectives and supporting victims of domestic violence, to making smoke bombs and dumpster diving.

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The God Delusion, by Richard Dawkins

A refreshing and robust treatise on the debate over the existence of a supernatural creator.

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