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Anyone know anything about tattoos on the feet?

Asked by knitfroggy (8959points) April 18th, 2009

I have always wanted to get a tattoo on my foot. I’m curious about the healing time. I work a job where I have to wear shoes and socks, so I’m worried it wouldn’t heal properly. I am also interested in the pain factor, I have five other tattoos-the most painful was on my inner wrist. The pain factor won’t decide wether I get the tattoo or not, I’m just curious.

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I know that just as tattoos on hands tattoos on feet tend to get lighter (fade) quicker because the skin cells are shed quickest on those areas…

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I could swear we just had a ‘foot tattoo’ question, but I sure can’t find it! Maybe someone else will link it for you.

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@augustlan I did a search to see if it had been asked recently and didn’t find anything. Obviously I’m new and and tryin’ to be careful :)

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No worries. I searched for it, too. If it’s there, it’s not easy to find!

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I recently had a tattoo done on my foot. Maybe that’s what you guys were thinking of… Here are some pictures from the experience. My best friend and I got matching friendship symbols.

Anyway, I also work a job where I have to wear shoes and socks and am on my feet all the time. I got the tattoo on a Saturday night, and by Monday night I was working with minimal pain. It took a couple weeks to heal pretty well, and by 3 or 4 weeks, it was completely healed. It was more itchy than painful during the healing process.

As far as the pain goes, I hurt less than the piece on my side, but slightly more than the ones on my shoulders. But it’s also small, so you have less time to deal with the pain. The skin on your foot is thin and feet are bony, so it’s definitely going to hurt, but I wouldn’t say it’s unbearable.

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I don’t have one myself, but I was considering one for a while. Aside from being a particularly painful spot I kept hearing that they don’t hold up as well as other tattoos. The foot is involved in much more constant movement than other parts of the body which takes a toll on the ink. Hands have similar issues.

Take good care of yours @essieness.

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I knew this tattoo artist who had worked on a bunch of really macho folks. He had a standing deal that anyone who could take a thick line from heel to middle toe along the bottom of their foot could get their other tattoo for free. Apparently no one ever got more than a few inches before calling it off. Doubt you were thinking sole though…

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we’ve had like, three foot tattoo questions since i’ve been on this site. are foot tattoos that interesting?

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Maybe they’re scarier. I have serious doubts about if I could handle getting one.

I imagine the second the needle hit flesh my foot would cramp up and it would all be over. But I’m predisposed to foot cramps.

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