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Has anyone ever broken up with you and then asked to get back together again?

Asked by KalWest (1389points) April 19th, 2009
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Yes, I was engaged before I met my husband. He broke up with me, then showed up on my doorstep a month before my wedding, wanting to get back together.

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Yeah, I think they just get lonely and want companionship back.

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Actually, I was the one who broke with my husband when we were together for one month, I was “confused”. He says I broke his heart, but 2 days later I went back to look for him and ask him to try it one more time, he accepted only because he loved me so much, he said. Now we’re been together for almost 10 years and 2 beautiful kids!

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I had a similar situation. I think that to some people you’re more attractive when you’re in a different more serious relationship. They suddenly realise what they “lost.”

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I’ve been on the other side. I offered to get back together with someone I broke up with. He did some hurtful things and I left him; months later I missed him, realized how much I had taken for granted, and thought it was worth trying to work through all the problems we had so I offered to get back together. He said no. I still miss him sometimes.

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No, though I wanted him to for a while.

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Sure and I’ve been on both sides of it though the result was the same, bad idea.

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a few times… worked out well once, horribly the others.

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Yes. But I never go back – I left for a reason. They were great guys, lovable and all – but their faults and the reasons the relationship ended were things that were too ingrained in them – having that change, they’d have to be a whole different person.

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That being said, I know of a couple that dated all through high school, half of college, then both married other people. Both had spouses die, and they reconnected and married in their 60’s. Very happy together.

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Prctically ALL of them. Some didn’t say it in so many words, but tried to contact me again some time after and asked me out for a drink or something. Even when I am not in a relationship, I generally don’t give second chances, and make it pretty obvious straightaway, so apart from one exception, I did not get back with any of them. And the exception didn’t last long either.

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I got back together with someone and no big surprise, it didn’t work the second time either. As a matter of fact it was probably more painful the second time it was over, but also a relief! I believe now if it didn’t work the first time chances are it’s never going to.

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My first long term boyfriend dumped me and asked me back several months later. I thought it was a mistake, so I said no. Over the next few months I worried and wavered and finally told him I’d made a mistake and really did want to get back together. So we did, and it lasted a few more months, but, I mean ultimately my life would not have been drastically changed had we never gotten back together and we certainly didn’t last.

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Yes and she uses this site.

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Probably, I don’t remember though.

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yes, and things are better than ever.

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I’ve guilty. I broke up with my current wife twice while we were dating but… either I didn’t have the confidence to let her go or the will to live without her.. either way we’re still together… so that has to say something.

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I just noticed I put “I’ve guilty”. No more late night fluther (yeah right).

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