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Do you ever say it with flowers?

Asked by Zen (7738points) April 19th, 2009

Are you romantic, or are you commercially romantic? Do you buy chocolate bonbons, or do you prefer the edible undies and flavoured condoms. How do you ”(American) Expressed” your love?

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Tulips. She liked tulips.

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Been to the Keukehoff in Holland – lotsa tulips there!

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Funny, I was just thinking that I wanted to pick up some flowers tomorrow for a close friend of mine. Going through a shitty time and I was going to send her le bouquet de fleurs to show her some lurve.

For my lady, flowers are always a nice touch, I think. I tend to write a little something en francais on the card which is greatly appreciated. :)

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@jmah Tres jolie!

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Several years back, I was in a relationship with a very insecure man; I had a dozen roses sent to him at work – he was surprised and really appreciated them.

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We like flowers too, @hearkat. I am reminded of an ancient Chinese proverb: a man walks along the road and finds a coin, with half he buys bread, so he’ll have from what to live, and the other half, a flower – so he’ll have for what to live.

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@Zen: I hadn’t heard that one before… it is lovely. @};-

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@Zen very nice. :-)

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When dating, my husband used to get me fresh flowers all the time. It was really lovely. But, the cats would always destroy them :( So we find it to be a waste nowadays.

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When my stepfather turned 75 I sent $250 worth of blue iris across the country. He was very touched and said I should have bought a plane ticket. But I had to work.

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I send my girlfriend flowers all the time. It lets her know I am thinking about her. Plus it helps, since we are long distance. I send them to her for no reason at, just because I like doing things for her.

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