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Lightweight WAP that can be battery powered?

Asked by bpeoples (2551points) December 5th, 2007

Looking for a WiFi access point as light and low power as possible, preferably able to be battery powered.

I’ve been looking at either Meraki or Fonera’s routers, but neither of them ship battery powered…

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Just curious as to why you need a battery powered AP?

I would just use one with a power injector (power over ethernet).

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I’m trying to build a standalone network between an eye-fi card and a laptop. The eye-fi card has a 90’ range, but my application involves flying the camera up to 500’ from the laptop, so I need an AP that can be flown to 450’ or so from the laptop, and weighs as little as possible.

The Meraki router could be powered from a two cell lipo battery, but the whole thing would weigh close to 200g, I was mostly wondering if there was something lighter…

Flying? Camera?

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