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How do I open gaming ports on my Belkin router?

Asked by EnzoX24 (1991points) November 30th, 2008

I’m home for the holiday and roped into tech support. My family’s new router is continually kicking my brother off his World of Warcraft game. I’m pretty sure a game port needs to be opened in order to get it working. I found the router settings on my computer, but don’t know how to open the ports. Could anyone with any knowledge of Belkin routers help?

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is there a thing called DMZ on the website. under a tab named application & gaming?

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Putting your computer in the router’s DMZ exposes it to all incoming & outgoing traffic. Not recommended for Windows computers.

Google which specific ports WOW needs and enable port forwarding for that port by accessing the router’s CP at (typically, your IP may be different).

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i had him disable it.

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