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When will we reach the next milestone?

Asked by TitsMcGhee (8281points) April 21st, 2009

There’s been a huge number of 10k club inductees recently, and it got me wondering just how long it would take some brilliant flutherite to reach the next milestone: 20k. Just for reference, the highest lurve score I’ve seen is gailcalled’s 16600+ (sorry I don’t have the actual number). When do you think it will happen? Who will it be? What festivities will follow?

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When do you think it will happen?
2–4 months.

Who will it be?

What festivities will follow?
Something in his style. (Sure people will like that).

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I have a hunch that TitsMcGhee is going to make a miraculous comeback… wowing jellies with her intelligence and charisma .. meanwhile poor Astrochuck will be longing for attention from his usual sycophants who have all flocked to lurve TitsMcGhee instead.

I don’t know… it’s just a hunch. =D

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You know I lurve the mailman. AstroChuck is tops.

But…it’s gotta be gailcalled.
She’s the Fluther matriach. The grand damme.

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I have out lurved them both, so I won’t be much help in the race to 20k. I bet most of us have out lurved each other. Honestly, if their respective lurve scores would actually increase when they got a GQ or GA they would be well over 20k.

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I guess 20k will be the next milestone. It’s hard to reach that, as I see new people aren’t as big of lurve whores as some of us ;)

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I am still working super hard towards 1000. But that is just my personal struggle. Got to take the first step before I can climb the mountain. Maybe some day I will hit 10K, even 20K.

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i think when someone reaches 20k, they should be ceremonially beaten with rods and made to hang out on Askville for a month. tough love

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@bucky- classic!

I to have maxed out lurve on most regulars and yet when an answeris great I lurve again.

I think Gailcalled, AC or JohnPowell will win the race

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Looks like Marina just did it!!

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bring on the ceremonial beating rods! and @marina, when’s your Askville account go up, hmmm?

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