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Do you ever look at someone and wonder what they are thinking ?

Asked by kayysamm (435points) April 21st, 2009

Is there ever a time your looking at someone wonder what they are thinkig ? Or in conversation with someone and in the middle they just stop and its silence, does that ever make you wonder whats going on in their head ?

Yesterday I was laying in bed with my boyfriend and we were talking, the conversation went flat. He was looking at me so I asked him what he was thinking about. All he could say was, “oh nothing.” But that made me wonder what he was thinking.

Do you ever do that ? Or am I just completely weird. ?

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I think we all do that from time to time. Right now I’m wondering and the person is 6000 miles away.

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yes, all the freaking time.

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You all might need therapy.

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i do it all the time in a relationship.
My friends? no, because i know what they are thinking when we are all hanging out…
“Damn, That is one hot piece of ass” Never Fails.

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Yeah, I do that all the time, but worse—I then read their minds!!!

Big mistake!

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I wonder a lot, but, I’m a super nosy/curious person.

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I try to make them think what I want them to.

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I do that all the time! But I can easily read their faces…so just relate the face to the thought.

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Alllll the time.

Usually I’ll just ask them if I’m that close to them.

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allll the time. especially if i asked them a personal question or something of that sort.

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All the time, and then I entertain myself by making up stories about it.

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i do it all the time too…infact i find people who don’t do that weird!

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oh course. By the way I’m pretty sure everyone wonders that. I know I always do!

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You’re not alone. Everyone does at some point. Not only do I wonder what other people think about, but also wonder what they dream about.

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@ithought119 What people dream about can tell you a lot about their worries, fears, what is on their mind and what is important to them. I have a dream translater book and it really tells me a lot about myself sometimes. Maybe its that kind of thing that people don’t believe in, like psychics. I think translating dreams are helpful myself though.

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