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Mothers Day Gift Ideas?

Asked by ashler (36points) April 21st, 2009

What are you giving your mom on mothers day? I am planning to gift her a pair of pearl studs.

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My mother is a cold hearted bitch, so this year i told my dad I would celebrate two father’s days. One on mother’s day and one on father’s day.

But I am getting new stuff for his harley :)

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Sadly, my Mom is deceased. Our family will go to the cemetery and will be releasing 9 yellow balloons (one for each of us and one for my Mom) by her grave site. Yellow was her favorite color. The idea is that we’re releasing to the balloons to the “balloon forest in the sky”, so Grandma can have them all. We do this for my 6 year old niece.

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As my mother is also a CHB, I will be sending good thoughts her way hoping she pulls her head out of her ass and decides to make some effort to have a relationship with us.

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I will be giving Mom a dozen roses and a nice card. After that, I’m taking her out to dinner.

And welcome to Fluther, ashler. =)

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That was a few weeks ago for me. My mother has been into gardening for the past few years so I got her a apple tree to put in the garden.

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my mom loves collecting jewelry…so im gonna gift her a really elegant pearl necklace followed by a grand dinner at her fav restaurant..

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My husband and I haven’t decided what to get our mothers for Mother’s Day this year yet. But whatever we do end up getting them, I’m thinking about including a coupon redeemable (in a few months) for One Grandchild. (Do not double.)

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