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Can you tell me why my hands are shaky most times?

Asked by Facade (22899points) April 21st, 2009

I don’t think it’s low blood sugar, because that has been checked. What else could it be?

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Are you on any medicines? Do any drugs?

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That was my thought too.

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Maybe this can help you with some possible causes.

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i haven’t had caffeine in over a year and no drugs or meds (recently)

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Anxiety? I had a panic attack one night a few weeks ago and woke up and couldn’t control my hands.

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@EnzoX24 Nah, I don’t get those

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Are your knees weak, too?

Could be love

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Do any degenerative diseases run in your family?
See a doctor.

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Sugar, caffeine, your nerves in your arms and hands, cold temperatures, and a variety of ailments.

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I don’t want to freak you out. But Parkinson’s disease starts with similar symptoms. Really get to the doctor.

I just saw Michael J. Fox in a interview and he said it started with a twitchy finger.

I am not a doctor. But you should see one.

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Essential tremors? (I’m on my iPhone and can’t post a link, sorry)

A neurologist and/or a physiatrist would be specialist you may want to consult about this.

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This happens to me because of nerve damage and inflammation, and is often accompanied by loss of strength in my hands and elbows. This can and cannot be related to repetitive movements in your arms and shoulders. I go to physical therapy but the problem waxes and wanes. (ugh)

What helps best for me when this happens is alternating heat and cold on my elbows and neck, where the nerve gets inflamed. Beyond that, I recommend flexing and stretching, as well as minor “weight training” with you hands.

Of course, check with your doctor as well.

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go out and exercise. I think ur itching to exercise. Go out and get active you’ll feel a lot better and if your shaking doesn’t go away, go see a doc

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@mass_pike4 Yanno, you might be right. I went from being excessively active to barely leaving the house. My body’s probably in shock or something lol.

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haha most def. Exercise does wonders for the body. Just don’t over exercise, although thats hard to do. The body releases so many of the good neurotransmitters that will counteract the shakiness. Make sure your are eating right too. Veges are great as well as anything like meats that have plenty of Vitamin Bs 6s and 12s which prevent shakiness. Try to spread your meals out throughout the day. 6 small meals is recommended rather than stuffing yourself 3 times for the main course meals. Hope this helps!

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