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Streaks of blood in vomit?

Asked by Maree (2points) April 21st, 2009

Brief history, I’m a Type 1 diabetic, I have a hiatus hernia and neuropathic pain in my lower body. I also have a condition they are looking into where periodically (1 or 2 a week) my eosophagus closes and I have to cough the food back up.

A few weeks ago, when I had to cough up some food, there was red blood strings thru it.

Went to the dr, they didn’t seem concerned so I went home and forgot about it.

the last two days have been very bad with the pain in my feet and legs.

This morning for no reason what so ever I suddenly felt intense nausea. I got to the bathroom in time to lose yellow bile with stringy blood thru it.

I’m feeling very lethargic, have a thumping headache and really don’t want to go anywhere, even to the dr’s, hence coming to an on line query site.

My blood sugars are bang on what they should be.

Any idea’s about probable causes and appropriate responses?

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Preface- I am not a doctor
Sounds like it might be a bleeding ulcer?

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oh… i hope you get better

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Preface: I am a doctor (lol… had to.. sorry)
There is a bit more info needed to really make a respoinsible or even nearly accurate diagnosis. First off i’d ask your age (some diseases are mor prevalente in different age groups).
Buit with what information you’ve given i would most definitely go see your physician and look into Barret Syndrome, which can be exacerbated by frequent or even intermitent reflux and vomit. The streaks of blood are obvious signs of mucosal irritation but depending on the color of the blood may or may not be from your upper GI tract,,, color (which helps determine wether or not blood has gone through some digestion) will help determine this.
Secondly your neuropathy seems to be getting worse… people often make the mistake of believing that diabetes is all about the blood sugar qhen so many other things are involved,, including but not limited to vascular and micro-vascular issues in the extremities and the eyes… renal problems and neuropathy. While blood sugar is a valuable diagnostic tool and a good indicator of the general state of the patient it is in no way sufficient information to determine the peripheral damage that may or may not have manifested before.

Don’t wait.. go see your doctor… explain your condition and have him run test for liver and pancreatic function, and look into barret’s.

Good luck and i hope you feel much better soon.

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As a Gastroenterologist, I believe any hemetemesis (blood in vomit) needs to be evaluated with an upper endoscopy. In the meantime, take a medication like prevacid daily and avoid aspirin, ibuprofen, motrin, naproxen, aleve, advil or any NSAID (non-steroidal antiinflammatory drug).

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Your puking blood! Your guts are bleeding. Go to the doctor asap.

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Why are you asking Fluther and not a doctor? You’re puking blood. You need immediate medical attention.

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Does it taste like a mouthful of pennies?

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Skip the doctor. Run immediately to the hospital.

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i am currently going through the same type of nightmare myself, infact i ran across this site, because 10 mins ago i just got done throwing up bile (yellow) and streaks of bright red blood… believe me, you don’t need to run to the hospital, i did last night, and three weeks before then, they don’t do any informative tests to give u any answers in the e.r. But i guess we need to run and schedule a endoscopy, because thatis a test that will wake us out of this terrible dream.

i feel for you, really i do. takecare. god bless.
Tasha- 24yr. old female from Indianapolis IN.

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Seconding above comments urging you to get off the internet and go to the ER. I’m not a doctor, but I’m type 1 and that is what I would do if this happened to me.

Have you checked your ketones recently? This is something people often overlook when they go sick, but you can have ketones even without high blood sugar. I’m not suggesting that there’s any causation, but ketones can VERY QUICKLY get on top of you if you are sick, so it’s best to keep an eye on those as well.

Best of luck figuring this out, hope you get better real soon!

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