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What are the popular food diets these days? What do they involve?

Asked by mikey7183 (338points) April 21st, 2009

don’t tell me the dr. atkins diet!!!

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The beer and pizza diet. Pretty much you only live on pizza and beer. Once i quit this diet i gained 40 pounds.

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Most of them involve sheep.

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The raw foods diet has some supporters.

Eating sensibly will always be in fashion too…

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Yeah raw food is in vogue in NYC and LA. I actually worked at a raw food restaurant in Santa Cruz, but it went out of business. If a place like that can’t survive in Santa Cruz, though, where can it?! I guess they have to be really hip, trendy, and expensive..

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Diets don’t work.

Don’t ever go “on one”, rather have a healthy one.

It involves exercise, cooking, shopping and eating delicious food.

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You want the “popular” diets, which by their very nature are temporary, or the permanent eating habit changes that work for life?

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The GI diet
The No Grain Diet
Raw Food diet – this being the most hip i think

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@lynneblundell And none of them work in the long run!

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I think the concept of ‘Low Glycemic Index’ is key. Eat Low Glycemic Index food.

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