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How can I make large video files accessible to my students?

Asked by juniper (1910points) April 22nd, 2009

I record my ESL students’ speeches on a flip camera and usually upload them to Blackboard 6, where they can be accessed by students. Now, however, I’m using Blackboard 7, which has an 8 MB limit. Gmail has a 25 MB limit. My files are around 75–125 MB.

I have lots of students and I do this project several times per quarter, so I need to find an efficient solution. The options I’m considering now are uploading to a private YouTube channel and linking to Blackboard or just purchasing some server space. I’m cheap though, and I’d rather not use YouTube for class stuff.

Any ideas for a fix?

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I think you may have already come up with your own answer! I believe you’re on track with the idea of purchasing server space. That solution will be your best bet by far. Not only will it take out all the headache and provide the solution you need, there are plenty of other beneficial functions you could glean from having a server.

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one possible free solution would we I believe you can send up to 2 gig files to anyone… they just get an email with a download code and viola!

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I think if I were a student, I would probably prefer a private server or a hosting site. The youtube route is possible, but some might object to it as they may feel embarrassed.

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Have you considered converting the format of your video? Probably not the easiest thing technically speaking. I’m not sure how long your clips are but you may be able to find a format that will get you to below 8MB. Divx or h.264 are pretty good.

Youtube has a 10 minute limit and the ability to make it private. But doing so will require everyone who wishes to see the video to have a youtube account.

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has no size or length restrictions. Use the video downloadhelper add-on for the Firefox browser and students can save the file as they feel necessary.

All that said. I am a big promoter for open source and believe people everywhere can benefit from your knowledge. I think your videos might find a following and someday you’ll be famous for them.

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