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What are your favorite (or least favorite) gross words?

Asked by toleostoy (282points) April 22nd, 2009

My friend and I were eating cake at a luncheon, and I said, “Oh! The cake is really moist today.” He shuddered a bit and said he hates the word “moist.” Are there any words that make you cringe?

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I was coming in here to say moist! :)
Squeegee is also a weird word that at times makes me cringe.

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What’s wrong with moist?

I guess anything not fully enunciated makes me cringe. “Finna”, “gol” [goal], “soder” [soda]...

Ok, I admit it. The southern dialect annoys the crap out of me.

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The ‘f’ word. I cuss some myself, but I find that word to be very offensive. It never comes out of my mouth. If you can’t think of anything else to use, keep quiet. Especially coming out of a woman. It’s very crude & tacky.

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@jbfletcherfan: why is it especially offensive coming from a woman?

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NIPPLE!! I have always hated this word. Everyone makes fun of me because I have to say nippy instead.

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slurp ::shudders:: I hate that word!

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@toleostoy I don’t like it coming out of anyone, man OR woman. But if just sounds worse to me being said by a female.

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@jbfletcherfan Ooh, I’m glad I get to be perceived as extra offensive then :)

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I hate the word rancid and I also hate the word placenta they both gross me out haha

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This is neither my favorite or least favorite word. But what about the C word. Why is that word so offensive? Is it because of how blunt it sounds? Is there an origin for the word that has some terrible meaning behind it?

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@dynamicduo I don’t recall that I’ve ever seen you use it. I don’t tie it to names here (except one in particular).

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Raw. I hate the word raw because it reminds of a scene in a book wherein someone’s skin is rubbed raw in a sandstorm. Blech!

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@lukiarobecheck Yes, that runs a close 2nd with me, too. Thankfully no one I know says it!

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Chunk. That word sends shivers. There is nothing good that comes in chunk form.

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Moist bugs me too. It makes my mouth feel funny to say it.

I get the shivers when someone says “peen” for penis. Ugghhhh.

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Pus is gross! It sounds gross, looks gross, and smells gross.
Smegma is pretty gross too.

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booger is fun to say. So is slime.

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“Foetid” stinks. Cocksuckers find “smegma” especially gross.

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@buster Jinks for smegma!

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i dont like it when people say lick or skin because it makes me think of when people lick their hands or feet and that gives me the shivers

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I work at an OBGYN office and I hate the word vagina. It makes me want to throw up. I also hate “toe jam” God, that’s frickin gross.

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Mucus, mucus plug (pregnancy), moist, pus…those top my list. Basically, anything with the word mucus involved is just gross.

@joybells34 – I think it’s hysterical that you work in an OBGYN office and hate the word vagina. That just cracks me up! Not that it’s a great word…seriously…it’s really weird.

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Pus is just disgusting. I have a real potty-mouth, and I can cuss like the dickens, but that one just makes me cringe.

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@cak I know it weird. I just can’t help it lol

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@filmfann You are so funny! I don’t believe you can cuss like the dickens. SHOW US!! lol

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A few years ago, my therapist told me to stop holding back, and to go ahead and let some bad words vent off some of my anxiety. The next day, I hurled a good 30 seconds of vulgarity at another driver. My window was rolled down, and a pedestrian walking by heard me, and looked like she had just been shocked to death.

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@filmfannare you related to my husband, by chance?

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@cak: Lurve for mucus plug. When I heard that will come out of me when I am in labor, I almost threw up. (blech)

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@joybells34 , That’s funny because I was wearing my “I LOVE MY VAGINA” T shirt today.

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Whenever I here that song by Live “lightning crashes” I get the nastiest mental image when he goes “and her placenta falls to the floor”

Ladies… you’re shit down there is fucked up… just sayin

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@ABoyNamedBoobs03 My husband really likes that song, as long as he blocks out that line. It just grosses him out.

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Very bad:


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Another one, membrane. Ick, just ick.

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@jbfletcherfan I’m fairly certain there is medical for people like me. I just refuse to take it! ;)

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Pop. Six. Squish. Uh-uh. Cicero. Lipshitz.

Guess which word I don’t like. Not “Lipshitz.” I actually find that one funny.

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@aprilsimnel Pop and squish sound like zit words. They ARE gross!

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@aprilsimnel Then he ran into my knife… He ran into my knife ten times!

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vulva and labia

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I think the “c” word is WAY up there… I hope my daughter answers this – she has a Ton of words! (smile)

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You know how some people have these little habits that get you down? Like Bernie. Bernie liked to chew gum. No, not chew. POP. So I come home from work one night and I’m real irritated, and I’m looking for a little sympathy. And there’s Bernie, lying on the couch, drinking a beer and chewin’. No, not chewin’. POPPIN’. So I said “If you pop that gum one more time…” And he did. So I took the shotgun off the wall and fired two warning shots… into his head.

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@squirbel I feel your pain. How about the southern Black dialect. It’s another frickin language. I hate it. It’s the language devoid of final consonants on every word.

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Just reading the thread, no judgement whatsoever, I am baffled that people have all these physical reactions to normal words, like moist. I’d love to plop a psychiatrist in here and give him (or her) free rein. It’s gotta be fascinating. I, however, do love all the dirty sex words….used at just the right time. Substituting clinical names for body parts and sexual actions will remove all passion in me and induce a deep sleep.

Guess I should go first with the shrink.

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