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How do I get invites to torrents sites?

Asked by timboimbo (2points) December 7th, 2007

Like many people, I’ve been hit hard by the decline of But we soldier, preferably to another, similar site. Do any of you flutherers know how one goes about getting invites to say,,, or I have invites to give to, but I have no idea where or how to trade.

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Actually, I don’t have invites to give at indietorrents. Apparently they closed the invites. So, basically, I’m looking for a handout.

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There is an awesome site that lets you share and trade invites of all kinds with users. I got my oink invite from InviteShare so you might want to search for whatever invites you want there. Also ask around in torrent forums for invites

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try best place to go for these things

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