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Is it ok to pick and choose which laws you will follow? Which ones would you just ignore?

Asked by YARNLADY (43417points) April 23rd, 2009

If you have children, do you let them pick and choose which house rules they will follow? What about the laws of the land?

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No, but I’ve certainly been absent-minded about some of them (was that a stop sign?!)

And no, but my daughter certainly tries to skirt around some of them. Others she proudly announces she is a follower of.

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I will follow most laws aside from drug laws. When you can give me a legitimate reason why marijuana is illegal then maybe ill stop smoking it. Until then, not gonna happen.

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I follow the laws when I feel they make sense.

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Sure, I think we should all be contemplative about why we do the things we do, and not follow rules just because we’re told to.

That said, I think most rules were put in place for a good reason.

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My new law would be if there’s nothing coming, screw the stop signs.

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@uberbatman HAAA…...that’s a good one. I’ll vote for that one!!

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I’ll rob a bank every now and again…

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Considering who makes the laws, ya I pick and choose which ones I follow. Of course I choose to follow laws that protect other’s safety and well most other laws too, lol.

But I do think you have to have higher level thinking to have that privileged. Therefor children aren’t quite ready to pick and choose.

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@RedPowerLady Good point, except for older teen, maybe. By 16 it gets harder and harder.

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@YARNLADY I was thinking the same thing, lol

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I used to think I was pretty good about following driving laws till my kid took drivers ed. Evidently what I consider to be defensive driving is actually reckless driving. :)

Seriously though- the powers that be make so many laws it is impossible to keep up with all of them. Thus I am fairly certain that it is virtually impossible not to break laws just living in day to day life.

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I follow reasonable laws. And if I had kids, I’d expect them to follow my rules but also to question me about ones they felt were unreasonable.

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I break one law, and it has zero effect on anyone else.

I wouldn’t break laws I disagree with if they did affect someone else, though.

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The people who MAKE the laws do not adhere to all of them. The people who ENFORCE the laws do not adhere to all of them. And the people who uphold the law and dispense justice do not always adhere to them. I’m sure there is not a single one among us who has always followed every single law enacted.

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i absolutely value sensible actions over law-abiding ones, if they aren’t one and the same.

following authority as if they are godly figures can yield much worse results than disobeying laws.

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Yes I do, I follow laws in my mind that should be, “don’t intentionally hurt anyone else” I do what I feel is right, I feel smoking marijuana is perfectly fine. To answer your question, the rules for my children by me will not be expected to follow them, they can choose which ones to follow, my rules will be suggestions with reasonable explanations why and they will understand why my fiance and I say what we say and want to follow it. If they don’t like it they can tell us why and we can figure something out…...

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and to add to that I have one rule, don’t intentionally hurt anyone else, anything that we do in front of them they are allowed to do…..because we are their examples to follow and they hopefully will want to be likes us because we are so nice and cool :-)

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