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What is a good skin care regimen for a 10 year old?

Asked by MissAusten (16142points) April 23rd, 2009

My ten year old daughter, otherwise known as a “tween,” just got her first zit. I think it’s time for her to move beyond using water and a washcloth to wash her face at night, but don’t want to give her anything too harsh. What is a good cleanser to start with? Is moisturizer necessary? My mom was sort of clueless about this sort of thing, and I was in high school before I just started using the same products my friends used. I’d like to get her started on good habits before then. Thanks!

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I used the Clinique bar when I was a tween. It’s mild and good, but a little pricey.
It’s never too young to start using sunscreen daily. Dove makes good and gentle moisturizers with SPF built in.

Good for you for starting her on good skin care habits!

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You said you don’t want anything too harsh, so I would avoid the acne products with the FDA drug facts 1% and 2% salcylic acid just yet. (If it’s less than 1%, they don’t put the drug facts label on, it doesn’t do that much harm or good). Those can dry out the skin, and cause even more zits. I’m in my 20s, and I realized very very recently that those have actually been causing me zits for several years because they were so harsh.

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Try the Burt’s Bees line. I like to use their body wash as shampoo. My naps love it :)

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It really depends on her skin type. No matter what kind of cleanser ends up being right for her, make sure you get an oil free sunscreen moisturiser. When I was her age my mom took me to my first Mary Kay party. Their consultant could get her the few items she could need to start a lifetime of good skincare. I don’t use Mary Kay any more, but I will never forget the lessons I learned.

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If you want to go natural and healthy you could do what my husband does. It is a good way to teach natural health care and thus have more pride in your routine.

Ayate Washcloth (special washcloth)
Coastal Sage Soap

They are not harsh at all but very good at keeping zits away. My husband has had an “issue” with this and has tried everything including proactive. This has been the best treatment so far and it isn’t alcohol or peroxide based which is fantastic!

(can buy here if you are interested:

By the Way: Props to you for taking care of your daughter and teaching her healthy habits at a young age.

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@RedPowerLady Hijacking the info. thanks!

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@Facade your quite welcome :)

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I wish my mom had taught me about skin care. You are a great mom for doing this.

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I remember my mom taking me to the Clinique counter. There is a bar that is pretty good and if she doesn’t let it sit in water, it will last.

Cetaphil (I think that is how it’s spelled), it’s sold at Target, Wal-Mart…they have a face wash and a face moisturizer, I think. I know the face wash is there. My daughter’s dermatologist recommended it for my daughter.

The best thing to introduce her to is sunscreen. A moisturizer with sunscreen, something with at least SPF 15 (30 is better), that is key! It prevents so must damage. Damage she won’t see until she’s older.

Good job, mom! It’s hard to get them started in good habits, but it’s important. :)

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If you don’t want to make anything yourself, I’d use Cetaphil.
Also, she probably doesn’t need a moisturizer, her skin is about to be bouncing off the walls with hormones…moisturizer is the last thing she needs. If she starts getting dry skin, get Jojoba oil, it doesn’t clog pores and you need very little for your face to moisturize it.

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Crap. I totally submitted my answer before saying what I was going to say about sunscreen. (I really need a new brain!) My daughter’s dermatologist said to have her start using a sunscreen (for the face, less greasy!) daily (it’s also a good moisturizer and not as heavy, if you find the right one, so it shouldn’t clog pores), and make sure she applies it at least 30 mins before going outside…daily!

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@cak I found your brain wondering around. Need it back?

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@chyna please! I’ve really been off my game today.

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@cak Return to sender..

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@chyna mucho lurve, my friend!

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Thanks so much for all of the suggestions! I have some Cetaphil already, and I use Clinique myself. I think I’ll start her with the Cetaphil, and move to Clinique if she seems to need something “more.” If that doesn’t work, I’ll look into the other suggestions.

Sunscreen is a staple in our house in the summer. All three of the kids have fair skin, and I’m a bit psychotic about using it.

My mom’s skin care instructions started and ended with “how to pop a zit.” I don’t remember using sunscreen at all until I was old enough to buy it myself, in spite of me being a redhead and having very fair skin. My poor little nose was constantly burned and peeling in the summer. :(

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@casheroo thanx for the jojoba oil tip, hubby works at an organics distributor so I’m having him pick some up, i’ve been looking to try a new moisturizer

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@RedPowerLady you’re welcome :)

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Maybe also don’t make her feel overly self conscious about a little zit. It’s a lot of years till people are out of that stage, and feeling unhappy about one’s blemishes doesn’t need to be a part of that time.

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We didn’t dwell on the zit—she’s aware of all the changes puberty brings, including the possibility of pimples. I just told her it’s a sign that maybe she should be using more than just water on her face at night. She’s rather oblivious to her personal appearance, but at the same time is very sensitive.

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Would NOT want to re-live those days!

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You all had great advice, and I am stealing all of it! My son is 12 and those hormones are raging! Between that, and sweating in the recent heat we have had we are dealing with a minor breakout (don’t tell him I told you, he’ll be mad at me). So, I will be trying the cetaphil, going to the store today to get some!

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