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Do you find the sound of bird chirping to be soothing, or annoying?

Asked by casheroo (18091points) April 24th, 2009

When birds never shut up, do you enjoy it or does it get on your nerves?

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Usually very soothing. Even those “annoying” mockingbirds.

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My husband and I got married outdoors and there were these annoying birds that would not shut up the entire time. It did bug my husband, but I didn’t notice because I was too caught up in the whole wedding. Afterwards, one of our elderly neighbors who came to the wedding commented how nice it was for us to rent birds for our wedding. We still laugh about it to this day.

I personally like chirping birds, just not when I’m trying to sleep.

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Mostly soothing. But around dinner time when our umbrella cockatoo starts screeching and yelling? Annoying as all hell.

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Oooh, I love to hear birds. Especially now when I can open the glass on our doors. I’m listening to 3 wind chimes & the birds. I love it.

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I like to hear wild birds in the spring and summer. The Bob White is my favorite. I’m not sure if this is what it’s really called but that’s what it sounds like it is saying. Also, I like to hear woodpeckers.

I can’t stand to hear a bird in the house tho, that drives me nuts for some reason.

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Annoying. Very annoying.

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I don’t like a murder of crows cawing. I’ve probably associated it with too many scary movies, but crows make me shudder. The cooing of pigeons is soothing. And the tweets of other birds here in NYC are neither here nor there for me.

When I was in Australia there were kookaburras everywhere, it seemed like. At first, it was cool to hear them because their call was new to me, but after a few days it got annoying. There was another bird that was seemingly everywhere, mostly black with a pink breast, IIRC. I don’t remember if it made a sound, but I’d like to know what that bird is called. I haven’t been able to find it on birding sites.

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Soothing. Unless I haven’t slept yet. And especially if I’ve been working on a project that isn’t yet finished.

In which case, their chirping sounds like impending doom…delivered in an annoyingly cheerful and chipper tune.

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It’s totally depends on your mood.

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At 5:30 a.m., highly annoying. Any other time, it’s either soothing or something I don’t really notice.

When I was a kid, we had three birds in the house. Two macaws, and an African grey parrot. They drove me CRAZY with the noise. The African grey was often entertaining because he had a really nasty vocabulary, but when the macaws started in he would imitate them. Nothing to do but leave the house if you didn’t want to hear it.

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This is interesting. I love birds. But when I own them they get annoying. However when they chirp outside my window I find it peaceful and beautiful. The funny thing is that in the morning they will wake me up sometimes. My first instinct is to be annoyed. But as soon as I realize it is just a bird I calm down and fall right back asleep.

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Depends on how close to you they are. If you are trying to rest and the birds are out in the trees it’s soothing. But from a person who has breed birds, if its in your house in a room close to you it can drive you nuts!

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I agree with @bianlink and @MissAusten, pretty much. Right before dawn, I find them annoying because it’s usually it’s the audio reality check that I’ve spent the whole night awake and wasted my opportunity to sleep. Sometimes it’s worth it. Most times it’s not.

Any other time of the day, I like birdsong. Blackbirds in particular.

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I’m with 3or4monsters in that it’s an annoying reminder at 5:30am that I haven’t slept well and have to get going somewhere.

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there is a doves nest right by my window and every morning i get to wake up to the beutiful chriping,plus other birds chirping

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Staying up until daybreak after a drug induced night, hearing the robins chorus was a real slap in the face of reality-what are you doing stupid.
I now enhjoy laying in bed hearing the morning melody.
But listening to a pissed off bird chirp’in at my cat drives me insane, and the cat.

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I love the sound of birds chirping. I live in the country. I love to sit outside about an hour before dusk and listen to the birds talk to eachother.

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I was searching for some connection to aging and annoying noises. That’s how I found this site. The older I get, I’m 64, the more sounds there are that simply drive me buggy. My wife has a parakeet, or however you spell it, that is driving me insane. “Chirp, chirp, chirp,,,over and over again, all day long. I want to wring its neck…but there are also other sounds and voices that seem to have the same effect. There is a sportscaster on our local news whose voice is like ice picks in my ears. I seem to be aware of a national obsession with “screaming’. Several daytime TV shows are full of screaming. Even commercials have taken to relying on screaming to get their point across. Anyone else notice that the older you get the less tolerant you are of certain sounds and tones? Just curious.

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