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Does this cartoon require a warped sense of humor?

Asked by Shuttle128 (2979points) April 24th, 2009

I stumbled upon Adventure Time a few weeks ago, and found it absolutely hilarious. Is my sense of humor warped?

I’d like a discussion on what constitutes humor, and if this is a legitimate piece of it.

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I saw this awhile back. I didn’t think it was very funny. But everyone has a different sense of humor. :)

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OK, well, I wouldn’t say your sense of humor is “warped”. I think what you find funny is likely randomness, which is really the only discernible charm of this show. I personally didn’t find it all that funny, but I also didn’t think it was twisted or warped, I thought it was of the non-sequitor variety of humor, which essentially means that what is supposedly funny about it is that it doesn’t really make any sense…whatever you might reasonably expect, you won’t necessarily get. The thing is, this was in some ways too random, and the payoff/punchline in and of itself was not to me an engaging joke. The only two things that made me chuckle were the knock knock joke, and the part about your mind has been transported back in time…AND to Mars. That’s just ridiculous enough to work, but the rest of it just didn’t seem to be outrageous enough, or far enough beyond the realm of expectations to shock a laugh out of me.

That’s what I think the nature of humor really is, it’s about surprise….shocking the laugh out of you.

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I think you may have found part of it: the randomness aspect. Randomness is the kind of the surprise I like, it’s less shocking and takes a bit more observation to get. In the same vein, I found the Priest/Rabbi/Humpback Whale joke hilarious, not for the setup/punchline bit but for the shear randomness of the idea behind it.

I think a lot of the reason I liked it was for the little gags that don’t immediately pop out at you. The entire premise is that it appears to be a children’s show, but uses some fairly intelligent humor in ways that are not always easy to notice. I find noticing these to be what sets me off most.

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Wow, what a total waste of bandwidth.
It’s not funny, not engaging, barely random, and completely stupid.
Am I sugar coating this too much?

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Has anyone been enjoying Adventure Time now that it has become a full-fledged television program on Cartoon Network?

I’m quite happy that they’ve kept what I liked in the pilot while expanding the world and the scope of the humor.

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