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Do you get excitment out of being sneaky even when its not necessary?

Asked by Horus515 (764points) April 24th, 2009

I’ve noticed that people will try to be deceptive even when there isn’t any reason to be, and my theory is that they like feeling like they are getting over on someone else or that they have a little secret or something. Its actually pretty amusing. Do you do this? Why?

My concern is that if someone does this all the time it will make them lie about things that DO matter.

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nope, not at all…

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I’ve done that and seen other people do that. It’s immature. When you get older people will do that a lot less.

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Not since I was about 15… The only reason I can guess for why people do this is immaturity.

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When I first saw the question I thought it was going to ask if I like to sneak in the house without waking my dog up or stupid stuff like that. That answer is yes.

But if you mean something like telling someone the truth but giving a sly smile so they’ll think you’re lying, then no. That’s just dumb.

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I agree with likeradar, i think people only do this if they are immature

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I enjoy running and jumping into a stall before people see me in public bathrooms, like hide and seek. It’s exciting although when I proceed to rush to wash my hands and run out of the bathroom I have looked like a maniac and bumped into many a people.

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I like to be unobserved sometimes which can involve sneakiness. But it isn’t the act of sneakiness that is desirable for me, it’s the ability to really be by yourself without anyone even faintly aware your whereabouts or actions.

It can be pretty hard to pull off depending on you geography. Because it doesn’t count if you’re doing it in your own room. Being your room is too squarely set in the realm of places you are likely to be. You have to be somewhere people wouldn’t guess. Like an out of service elevator or a fire escape.

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