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How do you get sandals to stop stinking?

Asked by LKidKyle1985 (6586points) April 24th, 2009

Yeah so I’m sure anyone who has worn sandals for awhile has had similar problems where they just start to smell terrible, any ideas how to maybe cut the smell down a little bit?

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Buy a new pair.

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Spray them with Febreeze. That should help considerably.

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I second bob_

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If you go to a sporting goods store, you can get these little balls… **looking for online picture** ...and click.

That’s about actual size. They’re meant for enclosed shoes (like sneakers) but perhaps if you put them in your sandals, then put everything in a plastic bag, it may work. If that doesn’t work, try washing them. What kind of sole do they have? The inside sole that touches your foot- is it leather? If it’s a durable material, try spraying them with shout, then soaking them in a water and baking soda solution, then drizzle some laundry detergent on them and scrub with a brush. If they’re fancy shmancy sandals just do the sole and don’t worry about the top or anywhere there is decoration.

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soak them in bleach for a day

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does one need an engineering or chemical degree for that procedure???


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@DREW_R Yeow….......that’d ruin them!

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@TaoSan : hahaha… it wouldn’t hurt!

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Sprinkle with baking soda and leave in sun. Wash your feet regularly. I have had sandals for several years, and they smell just fine.

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@jbfletcherfan Didn’t hurt mine and it killed the bacteria that cause the odor. Mine were leather and had rubber insoles. Perfect for bacteria to grow in. On another note my shoes and boots don’t have the same prob cause the insoles are not rubber.

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@DREW_R I would think the bleach would take the color out & eventually rot them.

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What are they made of?

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@jbfletcherfan Not if they are of man made material like vinal, plastic or rubber type material.

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@DREW_R okay. I’ll take your word for it.

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Don’t put them on unless your feet are washed and dried and then don’t wear them several days in a row. Once the stink is in, it’s not going to come out.

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Put them in the freezer for a few days. This works great for sneakers. Kills bacteria.

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sorry for the slow response everyone, they are made of leather, so its hard to do much too them without ruining them.

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@LKidKyle1985 Yeah, that’s what I thought. That’s what scared me with some of these responses.

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