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Will GM open as many plants as it closes this summer?

Asked by walterallenhaxton (888points) April 24th, 2009
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What are you asking?
This summer? Probably not.
Ever again? Probably depends on how the cash flows and if people buy their products.

Maybe use the details section to expand upon your incredibly vague question.

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i think it is more likely that they wil go bankrupt in due time.
on the one hand it wold be good. one american car maker less producing badly and cheaply build cars.
on the other hand of course it would be bad because thousands of people will lose their jobs and all the bailout money GM already wasted would be lost for ever.

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I hate to hear of people losing jobs. But i also despise GM. They are horrible. I couldn’t say more about how horrible they are. They treat the environment and even human beings like crap. So taking that into consideration I would say I hope they don’t. I hope they go out of business. And at the same time I send positive loving thoughts to all who lost their jobs so that they will find a much better job soon.

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they should fill for banckrupcy and leave business for good…

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The people loosing their jobs are members of a racket. They should have plenty of money salted away. They can afford to save 33% of their income because they make that much more that the market rate. You can get a house for almost nothing in Detroit. If they wanted to they could be quite wealthy. If they did not bother to become so I do not feal sorry for them. They can find another job when the government allows new jobs to be created again.

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