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What happened tothat sharper image invention?

Asked by afghanmoose (554points) April 25th, 2009 from iPhone

There was a neck band that would either heat up or cool the back of your neck in certain climates to keep ypu comfortable. It was discontinued,now im looking for something similar to keep the body cool in the summer.

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I saw it advertised on cable over a year ago, and always wondered what happened to it, because the ads stopped. It appears that the company filed for bankruptcy in 2008 and is now back in business, but on a reduced scale (google sharper image),

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The reason the ads stopped was because some people did not follow the directions properly and got burned pretty bad. You can buy the same kind of device at your local drug store. Just ask for the reusable hot/cold therapy Gel.

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I bought one for my mom (when they were out) and she loves it!

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What was the name of it

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I think what you are talking about is called a hot/cold neck wrap and they are available on many sites. Just google

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