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Powerpoint "presentation tools"?

Asked by kfingerman (992points) April 26th, 2009

I like the “presentation tools” function in powerpoint where I can see the next slide, notes,etc. Does the software know that I want the audience to see only the slides themselves or do I need to tell it? How? I’m using Office 2007 and a new Macbook pro running OS X.5.5.

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What exactly do you mean? I guess I mean, what do you NOT want your audience to see?

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When you run in “slideshow” mode, the audience will see only the body of the slides themselves and not your notes. What I do is print out the slides in the “notes” format and have them in front of me while I show the slides. I am the only one who sees the notes.

I don’t know of a function that lets you look ahead to the next slide, so maybe I’m not answering your question right. I don’t have Outlook 2007, just 2003. But this should be easy to test by getting a colleague to dial into your sharing tool (MeetingPlace, WebEx, whatever) and telling you what he or she sees when you run through the slides.

If your audience asks you to send them your slides, they will see everything, meaning your notes. In that case you could change to “handouts” view and PDF them.

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Yah! What she said!! (WTH did she just say??;)

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there’s this cool interface in ppt 2007 that gives me a screen that is exactly what I’d like to be able to see while my audience looks at the slides (i.e. my computer’s in front of me…my screen and the projector show different things). It’s called “presentation tools,” and it’s got a big countdown clock and big font notes, and a thumbnail of the next slide etc…but I don’t want all that on the projector…was wondering whether the ability to do that was built in

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It might depend on what kind of device you’re using to project the slides; that is, are you simply displaying your own screen, or is there an interface that you can control? Because I don’t use Outlook 2007, I don’t know, but it would be pretty foolish of the designers to create a presenter’s lookahead function and then make that visible to the audience.

Why don’t you try setting up the projector you’re going to use and trying it out beforehand? Again I am suggesting direct experimentation as the most certain method of finding out.

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I don’t know about mac; I’m telling you about windows.
In powerpoint 2007, go to slideshow tab, in monitors section there’s a checkbox “Use Presentation View”. Check this in. When you’re giving out a presentation using a projector, audience will see the slideshow fullscreen, while you will be able to see the normal view with notes pane so that you can read/refer if you forget something.

Also, you can hide some slides if you want to.
You can also make use of custom slide shows feature of powerpoint.

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