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How common is it to feel a joint pop out of it's socket?

Asked by live_rose (1223points) April 27th, 2009

I’ve had knees fall out of place and ‘d just have to wait till I felt them pop back and recently when moving my arm my shoulder felt like it poped out and i could hear something tear. I popped it back but it was sore for the next day. Am I wrong in thinking they popped out/ is it something else? And does this happen to other people?

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You might want to speak to your doctor.
The tearing is upsetting.

I doubt they’re actually dislocating, but it’s probably kind of not good on your joints.

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Do you mean like dislocated? Because from past experience a dislocated shoulder hurts like a bitch and it was incapacitated for at least a week – two weeks

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@joeysefika @asmonet I doubt it was dislocating it maybe Im locking my joints? Im not sure they just feel out of places sometimes I hear a tear (maybe Im just imagining it) and then I wait till i feel like I can slide it back into place

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There is a condition called joint hypermobility in which the connective tissue that binds the joints together is unusually loose, allowing the joints excessive freedom of motion. This can lead to frequent dislocations. Here’s some information:

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