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Are there any natural remedies for muscular/ joint inflammation?

Asked by nebule (16446points) March 18th, 2009

I have lots of aches and pains but specifically at the moment i have a really sore painful ankle that is stiff and feels inflammed (it’s worse when its kept still for lengths of time). I also have a bad neck/shoulder. All are tense and stiff and painful.

I’ve been to my doctor previously with similar ailments and they just put me on anti-inflammatories, which make my stomach sore and make me constipated; so I refuse to take them.

Are there any natural remedies i can take that aren’t too expensive? Foods even?

I have started to exercise more this week (alright: exercise full stop – I’ve not done any for months!) and it seems to be easing all the symptoms but they are still very present and painful

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I haven’t heard of any natural remedy that works for muscular or joint inflammation. Both of my parents deal with these issues via medication; they are friends with a naturalist/herbalist and that person doesn’t know of anything that actually works.

I assume you’ve told your doctor about the negative side effects of the anti-inflammatories, what do they recommend as an alternative?

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Have you tried all the NSAIDs? Alleve works really well for me and does not affect my stomach if I take it with a full glass of water. I like it better, because it is longer-acting, and you can take fewer pills.

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I googled and got this…
“Rub joints with honey 10 minutes before bed time, put cabbage leaf on the joint and wrap with a warm cloth, leave through the night.

Put cabbage leaf, tie with a cloth and leave for 10 minutes.

Home remedy for joint inflammation: Heat some olive oil with a few drops of Chinese oil and rub the joint.

Wear wool socks (not acrylene) over night.

Eat fresh fish every day or swallow fish oil pills.

Rub joint with warm Ruta Graveolens oil”

this site has a long list of things:

Also, you could go to The Vitamin Shoppe, and they usually have sections on certain disorders, and medications or herbs that can hopefully help.

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@dynamicduo i have yes they gave me something else that wasn’t supposed to be too bad on the stomach…but still mad eme constipated… can’t remember what it was called now…

@Marina will have a look into that…thank you

@casheroo hmmmm interesting…thank you will have a look and might try the old cabbage leaf thing (i’ve heard about it on sore nipples – breastfeeding – but not joints! lol)

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Joints help achy joints ;)

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Try Arnica pills or Arnica gel, its homeopathic so I kinda dont know if it works or not.

Also, if you are sore, be easy on working out. Try limiting your routines into smaller reps. Try taking a WARM SHOWER then blast yourself with COLD SHOWER to relax your muscles.

Another suggestion is NIACIN. Niacin is known to have a really good anti-inflammatory effects, but I would be careful for any drug interactions. Check this website out for drug interactions if you plan to take Niacin.

Relax, and soak in Epsom salt that should also help.

Hope you feel better.

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Your actually lucky because I am allergic to NSAID’s. For anti-inflammatory, i rely heavily on APAP, which has very little amout of anti-inflammatory on it.

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I was told by a naturist that magnesium will help with inflammation. I take nsaids with no ill effects so take few mag pills though. No first hand experience whether it works or not, sorry.

I take original plain old generic ibuprofen, works well.

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I’m surprised that no one mentioned ice. You can try icing your ankle or shoulder 20 minutes on, 20 minutes off, about 2–3 times in a row (while you’re relaxing in the evening or right after a workout). Make sure not to apply directly to the skin, using a thin cloth in between. You should especially do this after exercising.

While rowing in college ice was my best friend. Everyday after practice I’d head down to the trainer and have my knees wrapped with ice. If I missed out, I’d hardly make it through the first class of the day without the pain setting in. (I had tendonitis in both of my knees)

Ice is pretty natural :) In combination with some light stretching it can do wonders.

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arnica, tiger balm, ice is good (thanks, row!)..... also there are some foods known to be anti-inflammatory such as spinach and I think garlic. I am currently on a prescription for anti-inflammatories and they make me so tired and have bad dreams…......

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