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Do you want to write a choose your own adventure via fluther mini-bios?

Asked by phoenyx (7380points) April 27th, 2009

I’ve been thinking about the Choose Your Own Adventure books I used to read as a kid and wondered if we could write one together the same way we wrote a story together.

We are going to do it by putting a Fluther Adventure section as part of your mini-bio in your user profile. You would put a link to the person who referred to you (your section’s “parent”), write a continuation of the branch of your story, and link the options to two or three other people. As a (brief) example, I might put something like this in my mini-bio section (assuming I was a branch of PnL’s part of the story):

Fluther Adventure (parent)

You walk into the cave. You encounter a monster.

Do you punch it in the crotch
Or do you name it Rufus

I would then send a personal message to johnpowell and allie to let them know that they were linked by me as a story option and send them a link to this question so that they know what is going on. They would then figure out where they fit in in the story (by following the “parent” links backwards) and repeat the process.

Make sense?

Two additional rules:
1. You can’t link to someone who already has a Fluther Adventure section
2. You can be the ending of the story. Rather than options at the end of your story segment put ”THE END”.

I’m going to write the beginning of the story today during my lunch break. The first two people to volunteer (by answering this question with “I volunteer”) will be the two options for my story. If you need clarification on how this will work, please also do it as an answer to this question.

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Wow. It must be a Monday. Count me in, but I’m confused. You might have to re-explain your directions to this slow, melty brained Les again. ;-)

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I don’t get it, but I’m in too :)

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Sounds fun, but I am not good at commitments like these.

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I was actually thinking of doing something like this on a different site but fluther is as good as any venue I hope it gets to me eventually

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I want to play!

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Someone write me in and let me know.

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I’m in. When I was in college, we had a “Choose your own adventure” radio show, where we’d read the books on the air, and callers would make the decisions. It was great.

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I’m in…I used to love choose your own adventure books! :)

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Apparently, you are limited to 300 characters in your mini-bio, which I don’t think is enough to set up a story (it may not be enough to keep a story going, we’ll see) . If you don’t think you’ve told enough to come to a decision point, just write what you can and link to someone else at the end (just like in the books when the story segment was longer than 1 page). They’ll continue the story from where you left off. Let’s begin:

Fluther Adventure

Countless parallel dimensions converge at a single point known simply as “Nexus.” Nexus is monitored and controlled by “The Council,” a group of hyper-dimensional beings who keep the worlds separate and balanced. You are Spud, the janitor who cleans up after them.

Immortality, it turns out, can be pretty dull; every cycle is the same cleaning routine. Every cycle you start by cleaning the bathroom adjacent to the grand council chambers and end by vacuuming one of the countless hallways that extends out from Nexus, each with doorways to a thousand different worlds.

That is, it is pretty dull until:

“Spud!” councilbeing Paarax yells at you. “The grand bathroom is a mess! You must clean it at once!”

“I’m not scheduled to clean it again until next cycle,” you protest.

“It needs to be cleaned now,” Paarax insists, turning you and directing you down a hallway.

Muttering to yourself, you walk to the bathroom and knock on the door. “Cleaning staff!” you yell as you open it. You look in at… nothing. That doesn’t seem right. You look back at the door. It reads: “THE VOID (do not open this door under any circumstances! No, not even then. Seriously, don’t do it.)”

“Why do the make all of these smegging doors look the same?!” you curse to yourself.

Do you tell councilbeing Otu, the head of security, tell councilbeing Xyr, the head of the council, try to figure this out yourself, or close the door and pretend that nothing happened.

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I like it!

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to save characters, instead of putting:

Fluther Adventure (parent) and an underline to say it’s part of the story and to link back, let’s just put a simple link only, for example:


would mark the beginning of a story segment and link back to the parent.

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I’m confused, but I want to play too!

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sounds like a nice idea phoenyx. So your D&D friends are all on some break are they? lol
I know the feeling. I saw a guy with a character sheet in the tram 2 mins ago and felt like asking him if I could go to whatever session he was going to and join them. Would have done so if I wasn’t leaving this town on Wednesday.

Count me in :)

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Sounds like fun.

May I suggest a link to the start, in case someone not involved just happens by your bio…

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Alright, I posted my part of the story, and, just so we all know, 300 characters is not enough. When you link to people’s profiles, too many characters are taken up, and I couldn’t link back to the parent link plus have my part of the story plus link to two other people. We might want to come up with a better plan, here.

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I’ll leave that up there for a while, but I really don’t want that on my profile forever, so I’ll take it down eventually. :-(

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Wugh… posted mine, but the 300 char limit is a bitch.

If I come up with something better, I’ll change it… but right now, it’s just a cul-de-sac.

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I would love to play too. Who do I follow?

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I have an idea! What if we link it to a past fluther question, one we aren’t using anymore…then we could have as many characters as we want…what do you think?

just don’t pick the CIA question…

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I’d participate, but I can’t decide between dick punches and Rufi.

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There may be modifications made to the site for this purpose. Stay tuned.

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Can we do it taking place in the future?

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hmmm not sure i fully understand, ill have to see it go a few turns, but count me in as well.

as far as cutting back on character count in the mean time, when linking to other users, use it wont cut off a whole lot, but it will save a few characters that could be much needed.

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So, as there is nothing on qualitycontrol’s profile, Les’s profile, live_rose’s profile, or Likeradar’s profile, I’m guessing this didn’t really work out.

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<still doesnt really understand what we were doing> lol.

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I’m not sure if I fully understand either, but I think the story phoenyx started here is supposed to continue on other people’s profiles (or wherever, I guess) and branch out. So if you pick “tell councilbeing Otu, the head of security” you’ll go to qualitycontrol’s profile and the story will continue there, and end with more options that branch out someplace else.

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We were waiting for more space.

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It is a cool idea- I hope it happens.

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Has more space been found? I want it to happen too.

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i’m in!!! :) but can you repeat your directions SLOWLY??? :) my brain’s missing right now, LOL

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