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What is a good gift to give my cooperating teacher for thanking her for allowing me to stay in her class and student teach?

Asked by missjena (910points) April 27th, 2009

I want to get my cooperating teacher something thoughtful but inexpensive. I am her student teacher and she has been great and taught me so much. Any ideas on what I can do for her? SHould I get the students something as well?

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What’s the subject/grade of the teacher?

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A thank you card with a gift card to a restaurant or movies, maybe casually find out her favorite food.

I always made cookies or something on the last day with my students when I was student teaching…both high school and junior high. All kids like food.

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She is a first grade teacher

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I second @miasmom, gift cards are great.

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Not something with apples. Teacher get to much apple stuff!

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First Grade kids love cupcakes and cookies, maybe you could make cupcakes and let them put the sprinkles on themselves…if you think it isn’t too messy.

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How about a classic bouquet or flowers? That would be nice coupled with a card.
Or better yet some good chocolate coupled with a card.

I like the idea of brining in treats for the kids. You can always get something halfway healthy. I’m not sure you are allowed to make it yourself and bring it in anymore but you could buy something.

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Movie Pass’s for sure!

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I like the flowers idea.

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