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Do you think real peace is possible? That at some point human beings will be able to coexist and resolve their differences without resorting to slaughtering one another?

Asked by lillycoyote (24817points) April 27th, 2009

Do you believe war is inevitable? Is it natural? Something humans will always do or is it something humans choose to do and therefore can choose not to do?

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Once people learn to let go of ideologies that aren’t important and start to relate to each other with humanity as a focal point, then peace will be possible.

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When we find some aliens to hate.

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I agree with The Compassionate Heretic above but I also note that even the concept of “peace” is an ideology in itself. As long as there is a quest for peace, there will be no such thing. The planet is awfully crowded, and primates don’t do too well in such settings. Space migration (the optimistic viewpoint) or mass annihilation (the pessimistic one) is a likely prerequisite. And then this passion for war will fall off like a scab when humanity takes the next evolutionary leap.

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Yes, I believe that people will become civilized enough to be able to resolve their differences without battle. Some people mistakenly believe that peace means everybody turns into sheep, but in reality, it doesn’t have to work that way.

Even now, we have examples of people who know how to have a difference of opinion without coming to blows.

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Possible? Yes, in the distant future… but not likely any time soon. :(

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It’s human to war. We’ll never attain peace, it’s counter to our nature. BUT, we will experience some kind of union once there is a global threat that wipes out half the population, but that would be a temporary thing.

I always liked this saying though (you may remember from an old wis.dmer) “There is no way to peace, Peace is the way”

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@westy81585 I think that the best chance that humanity has at peace within itself is a greater cause to unite itself against. not the most likely scenario, I think it would work

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I’m guessing not in my lifetime.


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Yes. About 2 generations after the world enforces strict birth control measures.

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Yes real peace is possible. After saying the previous statement, you will get peace because the word “peace” is having too much power. We get disturbed only because some things don’t happen according to our expectations and some persons dont behave properly. But the person who is born on earth has to face good and tough times and thats fixed. Even if a person decides to live a sorrowful life he would not be able to, because God will surely bring happy moments to his life. So its upon us how to enjoy the happy moments and how to convert tough moments into happy ones. First thing is never forget God. Never hate anyone because the energy transmission takes place between the persons and so you will get the same reaction from others. Try to find happiness in small-small things. If you drink a glass of water when you are too much thirsty, isn’t that a moment of happiness for you. If you see some plesant garden isn’t it a real peace. So, it totally depends on us, that how can we achieve real peace in our daily activities. Even if you face some trouble just remember God and have faith on him. You keep going on your deeds according to the path of truth (path of God), rest leave on him, he will take care. I am suggesting you some books which will really motivate you to live.
1. The Monk who sold his Farari.
2. Bhagwat Gita by Lord Krishna.

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One of the things that drew me to the Baha’i faith is that it sets lofty goals for achieving a more global peace. The focus on the oneness of religion, the oneness of God and the oneness of humanity should help to break down those barriers of division.

As people start to recognize those truths and honor the cultural distinctions while putting aside the reasons for hatred and division, there will be a more recognized unity among the peoples of the world. Respect for others will create interpersonal peace.

If the nations of the world can find a better way to handle limited resources we would see less warfare and bloodshed. Focus on the fact that we are all in this together and cannot go back to well defined borders and isolated economies should help future generations recognize this truth.

I know it won’t happen overnight and I expect that things will get worse before this global unity is even seen as possible amongst the majority of people and nations. But high expectations and continuous effort, even on a small scale, are the way to achieve that peace.

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True peace will only be achieved when No one has desires for a lifestyle above anyone else. That is to say, everyone has the same type of home, vehicle, pay, and similarly attractive mate. Groups would then need to be stratified by age so there is no acrimony over someone having a younger partner. This is not even metioning natural resources…Thus, there will Always be conflict because someone will Always have something someone else wants and/or feels they deserve to have-see liberal entitlements…

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Thus we either have natural selection,‘all rare for the rare’
Or artificially contructed agenda-driven selection,
‘all rare for the politically connected mediocre…’

Question, do you believe mediocre minds with little to no self-control will be effective gaurdians of liberty for all,
or will they perpetuate an ‘Idiocracy’ to benefit them and theirs…?

Is an Idiocracy conducive to peace?

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@Crusader – Do you think that honoring our differences, rather than hoarding the rarities, would lead to a downturn in the ego’s desire?

Not everyone has to be the same or have the same things to be content with what they have. That’s why there are two parts to developing peace the individual effort and the collective effort.

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In other words, is there a middle ground between segregation and enforced mediocrity?

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just an interesting stance on things.

I suppose it’s possible, mankind is continually evolving at an ever faster rate, it’s not unrealistic to assume culture will be vastly different in 300 years as it is today.

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I really don’t think that “real peace” is possible, unless people find a common enemy outside of themselves.

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Fireside said,

‘honoring difference, rather than hoarding the rarities lead to downturn in egos desire?’

First off, if ‘honoring differences’ is equivilant to prejudicing one demographic of established producers and law-abiding citizens for the opposite, no, this is not only bad policy, but unethical and racist. No better than Nazi’s, only a reverse of the policy, so much for ‘fighting the good fight’ of tolerance, (and dying) just to be attacked from within every generation after…

For a real solution distribute the wealth of thos mega-millionaires such as the Carnigies, the Rockefellers, and the Morgans and George Soros and his lackeys who wax Rich in America as Financial Gods while everyone else, (whites included,) were for the most part, living hand to mouth…These individuals and their cohorts are crafting pubic policy and have benefitted, along with their close asociates and family, at the expense of everyone else. They encouraged segregation and intolerance for profit, just to reverse their postion, again for profit. Everyone is just a puppet on a string…

The Rare sacrificed on the crucible of ‘diversity’ and ‘multiculturalism,’ to maintain the profit. Wake up people, its about economics and personal accountability. Just look at the world governments (and local US governments) its easy to discern which groups are more accountable.

And, no, there is no middle ground, no as long as Double Standards, Legislated Racism, and Plutocratic deception and hypocrisy continue-and they will, as long as their is profit…

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Ok, I should have just gone back to ignoring you.
I’ll correct that problem now since you have slipped into the realm of incoherence again.
I could have sworn that you said your religion stressed tolerance.

Also, try using copy/paste when you quote someone, otherwise I could quote you as saying, “there is middle ground”

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Abstraction is the folly of cynics, fireside. If you have no position to take, just say so, otherwise your ad hominims (personal attacks,)speak volumes for your agenda.

Also, just curious, do Ba’ Hai believe Jesus was the Son of God and/or ressurected?

Oh, and tolerance does not mean Capitualtion,

‘Do Not be Unequally Yoked with the Unbeliever’


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Reread your posts with this in mind, “Abstraction is the folly of cynics”

As far as your misquotations go, check your bible and see if it was actually Jesus who said, ‘Do Not be Unequally Yoked with the Unbeliever’ I’m guessing Paul was the author there.

But see, I keep getting sucked in. I really do need to just walk away from this. It’s silly.

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@fireside: Step away from the keyboard. He’s a dog with a crucifix-shaped bone. There’s no arguing with him.

It’s like he’s on a crusad…wait a minute!!

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@cprevite – yeah, not sure what I was thinking. thanks!

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I answer specifically, and with referencial bases, not expansively or obliquel-such expansiveness and obliqueness being hallmarks of cynical agend-driven abstraction.

Also, Jesus Did say, ‘Do not be unequally yoked with the unbeleiver.’ As opposed to the current Liberal Power Church of ‘Do not be Equally Yoked with the Believer, Be Superior.’

Also, FireSide, you once again conveniently avoided answering or responding to any main themes, instead reading and responding selectively and inaccurately as often as not,

Have you the courage of your Ba’ Hai conviction to answer whether or not you believe Jesus was the Son Of God/ And a Man and/or Ressurected? Is there room for all those all contradictory messeges form other ‘prophets’ to allow for Jesus to satisfy this criterion?

Honestly, I do not expect a reply, just more abstractions, though you may just surprise me with a direct answer…

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I find myself saying this so often: Peace will never be obtainable as long as people have anything to fight over. In this discussion alone, we have the PEOPLE THAT BELIEVE IN THE PRINCE OF PEACE versus PEOPLE WHO DO NOT SPEND THEIR FREE TIME MEMORIZING ANCIENT SELF-CONTRADICTING TEXT. I think peace would be boring. I think God agreed (in the Bible), because it never mentions destroying the Devil, only chaining him. We need to fight over our ideas and beliefs, and I think where two or more are gathered, there will always be a little madness.

Now that we’ve given up on peace… let’s build a Colliseum. This place is crawling with lion-food.

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It’s possible, but on a global level it might require another 30 years to reach all societies. Our higher brain functions allow us to control the beast within us. As long as we acknowledge there’s is a beast as part of our genetic makeup, we’ll be able to tame it and keep it in check.

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I would like to believe it is possible, but homo sapiens is a compeitive, territorial and warlike species. Those characteristics might be bred or bioengineered out but that would ultimately lead to a “final solution” for those of us who fail to make the grade. To implement that solution would require a warrior species. Round and round we go…

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No, homo sapiens is both a competitive and cooperative species. Deep in our genes there are beast-like as well as social and altruistic qualities.

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@mattbrowne I respect that. But it is the competitive, acquisitive types usually holding the weapons.

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No, only through medication or reprogramming the human brain.

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