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How many times a day do you think something that you dare not say out loud?

Asked by Zen (7748points) April 27th, 2009
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1000 or more. I cuss out pokey dumbasses in front of me in traffic and lines in grocery store. I tell my girlfriend to shut up when shes ralltling on about her friends lovelifes. Alll of this silently in my head.

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@buster ferinstance?

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Lately, more than usual – and I mean in regards to some of the things on Fluther. I have been biting my tongue, a lot. The feeling will pass and life goes on!

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Depends if I’ve seen my parents that day or not.

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i’d never be able to count. especially in class. my mind tends to wander into some strange places when i’m bored.

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A lot…probably pretty often when I see someone.

It’s usually nothing terribly bad…just things like “You’re so chubby round I could curl up on your tummy like you’re Totoro and fall asleep!!”

that goes through my head every math class when I see my prof

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I don’t think I can count that high. I work with the public-there are so many thoughts that run thru my head. If I said 1/16 of the shit I think, I’d get fired an hour into my day.

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A lot. Once I learned that I don’t have to say every GD thing that pops into my head there’s a lot of stuff rattling around in there. But my life is easier and my interactions with other people a lot more pleasant. :)

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At work? Too many to count. Outside of work? not much.

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Yesterday, on several occasions, I had to pretend like I didn’t notice when a few people were being either very awkward or fake (self-conscious). I don’t have any reason to call them out on it, but I might use those quirks in a story of mine, so it’s a fine line between mentally noting, and trying to act unaffected.

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MANY…most of it all’s on the train

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I work with kids. “JESUS CHRIST STOP FUCKING WHINING ALREADY” would probably be a bad thing to say, but I think it many times a day…

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Well over a hundred a day. So far my censor mode is working well. If it ever fails me I will be the next “House.”

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@Dog – That’s funny. My husband actually pointed that out to me, before I resigned from my job. He said I was losing the ability to use the 7 second delay before saying what was going through my mind. Probably good thing I am self-employed and can talk to myself and the dogs, throughout the day. Keeps me from saying a lot of things that should never leave my mouth!

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I couldn’t begin to give a number. I’d say constantly. I mean every time I see a woman that isn’t repulsive, and for me that covers just about all of them.

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Every time I put the “jail” in “jailbait.”

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Like others, at work is where I’m the most guilty of this. I don’t want to get fired.
Otherwise, I usually say what I’m thinking.

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What an interesting question! (GQ.) I haven’t any idea, but I will listen tomorrow. I can tell you for sure that it isn’t zero.

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Too many. Also too many times I say it anyway.

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I’m alone a lot, so most of the time I could say whatever I’m thinking, but I usually don’t. My head gets quite noisy sometimes!

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At least once for every waking hour. But I come up with many random things in my head I would never in a million years say outloud. So maybe two every waking hour…

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