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I have to make a recipe that calls for "stiff" eggs. I don't have a whisk. Suggestions?

Asked by electricsky (825points) April 27th, 2009

What else could I use to beat the eggs instead of a whisk?

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An egg beater.

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Two forks held back to back.

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Use a hand mixer

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If you talk nasty while beating them sometimes they get stiff…oh I’m sorry wrong thread.

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If your a women flash them or if your a man get the playboy on a stand next to them… Then get out the riding crop and….. I should stop but the a long tined fork should work fine.

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I figured there’d be some innuendos in here…

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Try using a drinking glass and a fork. I find that the high, narrow shape of a glass works better than a bowl for beating eggs.

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@augustlan less spillage :P

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Visit the ob/gyn?

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@The helpful people: Thank you guys. :) Now I don’t feel like I have to put off this recipe until I can buy a whisk… (my grocery store is contstantly out of stuff like that.)
@The sexual remarks: Lovely.

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@electricsky a whisk is good, a mixer is better. faster and less effort.

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A wooden spoon it takes longer but the longer you work at ” stiff eggs ” the better the become

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spend the two dollars and buy a whisk

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