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Why did i just get "Questions for you 50 " even tho they are old, been answered in the past ?

Asked by sandystrachan (4417points) April 28th, 2009

These were nor all new questions either , some were from weeks ago ! . And most of them i answered yet just right now they all came back .

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Because the “Questions for You” feature was broken and now it’s fixed.

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You’re lucky. I got 97 of them and have been going through them for about 45 minutes. I’m finally making some headway.

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It’s going crazy since they fixed it. I think it went clear back to last week.

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Luckily mine is clear for now .

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I had 127, so I just deleted them all.

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I woke up to 159! At least we know it is fixed now.

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201 for me.
This one was new.

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I had 167.

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I have 174. I’m down to 78. lol

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Some I have deleted have returned again. if they come back again I will answer them just so they go away :)

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