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I love gross medical stuff, am I alone?

Asked by knitfroggy (8977points) April 28th, 2009

I lost about 2 hours of my life the other day watching stuff youtube. What I was watching mostly was people popping cysts, having bot flies removed and draining stuff out of infections. It’s really disgusting, but I enjoyed watching it in a kind of weird way. It grossed me out, but I kept looking. Is anyone else like this?

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Health sci major- I used to spend hours watching surgery when I was little. A few weeks ago I was watching people pop cysts after telling my roommate it was (not the best) way to get rid of those fluid buildups in your hand (can’t remember what they’re called). What I can’t watch is when people break things the wrong way/when bones come through skin.

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@sevenfourteen I saw one that was many still pictures of people breaking limbs while playing sports-that got me, I had to quit looking-kinda made me wanna throw up. But I could watch the nasty cysts/boils all day! When I was a kid they had a show on PBS called The Surgery (I think that’s what it was called) and we loved to watch it. The only one I couldn’t hack was the hip replacement, it was the grossest by far.

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@knitfroggy – there’s a video on youtube of a beating heart in a box (don’t know the name of the video but I think it’s just heart in a box). My anatomy teacher showed it to us, it’s amazing!....I think I’m gonna go watch youtube now

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Look at Ron’s Cyst #1 Its the nastiest one I’ve seen!

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If other people didn’t like to watch such stuff, then the Discovery Health channel would have folded long ago.

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I love this sort of thing. I don’t know, sometimes I’m just fascinated by it, other times I can’t handle it at all. haha

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I’m not really bothered by blood and gore which is probably just as well seeing how I spent most of the afternoon with blood and crap dripping down my face visor. It was right after lunch too.

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@Lightlyseared what the hell were you doing most of the afternoon?

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@knitfroggy well mainly being bloody thankful I was wearing a face shield

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@knitfroggy I think Lightlyseared is a doctor. Also, thanks a lot… I just frittered away an hour watching that stuff! :D

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@augustlan It’s awfully hard to look away from, isn’t it?

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@augustlan Actually I’m a nurse which is why I was getting covered in shit. The doctor was standing behind me.

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I would love to post a pic of my giant Frankenstein incision, you’d enjoy that. During my recent neck surgery, I was awake for most of the procedure. I asked the surgeon if he’d take pictures. He answered yes, that if I would have brought my camera he would have taken pics throughout the procedure. Bummer, who would have thought to bring a camera to the OR?

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Yeah, I share the fascination. Cable TV used to have a channel that would air autopsies which I was hooked to. A friend of mine sent me a link once to a site where you click on a body part and it will open a video of a surgery on that area, mostly amputations. Rumor has it there are fluther doctors who trade stories in the chatroom sometimes, got to get in there.

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@Lightlyseared Sorry about that! :)

@knitfroggy Here’s one for you…

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@augustlan Thanks for the link! That was pretty nasty!

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ewwww – some really gross stuff on that one! thanx! Sometimes I can watch totally spellbound and other times I find myself clenching my jaw like it’s me they are working on!

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