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My Ipod won't recharge or connect - Has this happened to anyone else?

Asked by yuchenshort (9points) April 28th, 2009

4th generation ipod less than 6 months old; after letting it discharge so that it had no charge left we can no longer charge it and it is not recognized by our pc

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it happened to me once…

… So I stuck the charger in the socket!!

Really bad answer… Sorry :)

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Maybe this will help? A good ol’ hard reset.

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I have tried a hard reset but it doesn’t work. The ipod won’t charge and a reset won’t work without any power

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Restart the device. If this doesn’t work take it in.

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Take it back.

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This happened to me with my iPod Touch.. I’d had it for 6 months or so and all of a sudden, it wouldn’t show in iTunes, be recognized as an iPod by the computer (kept coming up as a camera), nor would it charge.

I did research on it, tried resets and all that.. what worked for me was completely removing iTunes and Quicktime and all iTunes/QT related apps and processes, and reinstalling. Be sure you save your iTunes folder before you do this, so you can hopefully save all your downloads, playlists, ratings, etc.

Good luck!

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I have had the cords go bad, could you try a new cord?

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same happens to me but my PC recognizes it and it charges. Although my laptop was in the shop for 2 weeks getting repaired so I haven’t been able to charge my iPod until tonight.

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