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What is the etiquette with tanning at a salon?

Asked by RandomMrdan (7436points) April 28th, 2009

I recently decided to get myself a bit of a tan not only to add some color, but because I want to go to a beach not too far from now, and don’t want to be the whitest guy on the beach. What is the etiquette for tanning in these booths? are you suppose to be in the nude? Is tanning in the nude against the rules? Does someone clean the tanning bed after I leave before anyone else gets in it, and vice versa? I tanned just the other day, and kept my underwear on, but just rolled the pant legs up a bit, and rolled the waist line down a bit. Does anyone know of any unwritten codes that everyone follows in this type of place?

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Normally the dress code is the less the better. Since you’re a guy I would def suggest wearing a sock.. just one. Also I would clean up before and after, everyhwere I go they ask that you wipe it down after but just to be sure I do it before because who knows who was there before you. It also depends on in you’re going in a stand up or a bed, I go in a stand up and usually stand on top of my shoes because the floor is also an uncertain place. (idk about beds, maybe someone else can help you out there) Other than that, happy tanning!

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haha, I like the sock idea!

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There are no “unwritten codes.” You just give them your last name, they tell you which booth, and you tan.
If you want to leave your underwear on, that’s fine. You can also go in nude.
Also, if you’re doing the standup booths, be sure to keep your arms raised, or you’ll get tan lines. And if you do the lay down, you can’t lay in the same position every single session, or you’ll develop weird tan lines.

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Debbie Downer alert! I know this isn’t an answer to your question, but please consider using self tanner. Going tanning is so bad for you. A tan is your body fighting to prevent further damage. Use sunscreen at the beach.

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I have tanned and I do in in the nude, but I’m now also with @elijah to some extent. The only time I tan any more is when I am planning a sunny vacation and I want to build up a shield so I won’t burn the first time I spend an hour in the sun. I then use a lot of sunscreen anyway. I had a friend who’s twenty something daughter died from skin cancer. It scared me out of the tanning booth except on those rare occasions where I think building up the tan gradually is safer than burning like a lobster.

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@Judi There’s no such thing as a safe tan. You can’t build up a shield to protect yourself. Your still damaging your skin and risking cancer no matter how you get the tan. You are right that a severe burn can cause extreme damage, but that means you need to get out of the sun, not get it more slowly. It sucks having to be vigilant about it, being outside is great. But it’s like smoking, there is no safe amount to not get cancer.

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Go nude! It’s better to get a little tan (very gradually), rather than not have any color and burn at the beach. I used to love going to the tanning bed. Tanning in a booth or sitting on the beach- you get the same UV rays, so it doesn’t matter. Nothing is “safe.”

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@elijah : That’s true, whether you tan gradually or burn and blister, the damage is still there. It just hurts less to do it gradually. If you ever want to enjoy the beach, it requires some degree of sun exposure, so best to do it the non painful way, imho.

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@ubersiren You are right, it’s impossible to avoid sun at all times. You should do your best to minimize damage, though. I’m extremely pale, but I still enjoy going to the beach and out on my boat. I just use lots of sunscreen and wear a hat. Going tanning is about as smart as paying to get in a booth and have people blowing cigarette smoke on you.

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@RandomMrdan I’m sorry for derailing your question. Tanning is just a pet peeve of mine.

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Like, @elijah, generally, I’m anti- tanning beds; however, I just wanted to point out that they should be cleaning the bed in-between clients. It’s (I’m assuming in all states) a health code issue, you may be encouraged to wipe the beds down; however, they should be disinfecting them, between customers.

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how can I change positions in a lay down tanning bed? I mean, I just lay back, and that’s it…I’ve only been twice now, and can already see on my sides a pretty big difference between the rest of where I’m getting a tad pink.

I know it’s hazardous to my health, but I want to get a bit of a tan before hitting the beaches this spring/summer, and it’s not like I’ll be tanning every single day for months on end. I plan to just get a decent tan, and then just go in every so often to maintain it a bit..maybe once a week.

@sevenfourteen the sock worked great by the way. I tried that today….I wiped everything down before and after as well.

if you use the stand up tanning beds, wouldn’t it be hard to hold up your arms for 10–15 minutes straight?

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@RandomMrdan if you are using a stand up booth, they should have things for you to hold onto, at the top of the booth.

My biggest pet peeve, when laying in a booth, is the tan lines under my butt. Probably from my ass getting squished against the glass. lol.

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i work at a tanning salon i dont know anyone that doesnt go in there naked lol they alll get naked, sometimes even the ones that we give spray on tans. but yes we clean the beds after everyperson and put a new towel for them. make sure you start of at like 6 to 8 mins depending on how dark your are or you will burn and lotions help to

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