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Why am I having such bad cramps?

Asked by kelly8906 (340points) April 28th, 2009

(I suggest if you are not a woman, you don’t read this, it may gross you out. Just a suggestion)

For the past 3 days, I have had a TON of clear, odorless vaginal discharge, which I know is normal when you ovulate. However, I should be done ovulating by now and the discharge is SO much that I am soaking up 3 pads a day.It’s like I am leaking a TON of water. On top of that, I have severe abdominal cramps and some blood mixed in with the discharge (the blood is VERY LITTLE and just started today). My period is not expected for 10 more days. At first I thought maybe I’m pregnant and it’s an early miscarriage. Has this happened to anyone? I’m going to the hospital when my husband gets off of work.

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Weird. It’s just watery discharge? And it doesn’t smell at all?

Eggwhite cervical fluid is your most fertile cervical fluid, then watery. Did you go through a phase of thick, eggwhite discharge? If so, this could be implantation bleeding/pain…which does not warrant a visit to the ER.
But, if it’s very painful, I’d go to the ER or see your doctor. I’m betting it’s implanatation though.
eta: I didn’t see that you were soaking pads. Yeah, I’d definitely go to the doctor!

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I am glad you are going in. Do not put it off.
Keep us informed!

Save the pads if possible and take them with you.

Hopefully one of our Doctors will check in.

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Thanks guys. @casheroo, I had the eggwhite discharge about 2 days before all of this started happening. I know cramps are normal during early pregnancy as well as implantation bleeding, but the watery discharge is really odd. I did read that sometimes if there is some type of infection going on, the watery fluid starts to come out to protect the pregnancy..Hopefully that’s all it is. We’ll see.

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but yes, the fluid is exactly like water. It’s not thick, it’s not sticky or mucous-like, it smells like nothing. It just resembles water.

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This doesn’t really explain your other symptoms, but my first instinct when you said odorless, watery discharge was a yeast infection. Are you having any itching or soreness?

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It sounds like a ruptured cyst to me. It can be very painful. There can be blood and clear discharge from what I understand. (but I am not a doctor). It isn’t harmful to you other than the pain. Take some fish oil supplements for the pain and wait another day to see if it goes away. You can also use heat to take away the pain.

I also had the thought of pregnancy as extra cervical fluid can come about if you are pregnant. But it seems a bit early for pregnancy symptoms. Still a possibility.

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I’ve never heard of a discharge being a symptom of a ruptured ovarian cyst. I have cysts rupture ALL the time.

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@casheroo You know what I would defer to your expertise but I did research before posting. This is what I found. It is not a medical site but instead personal experience:

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It is good that you are going to be checked out. There are a number of things that can cause a change in vaginal discharge ranging from vaginitis, bacterial vaginosis, trichomoniasis, chlamydia and gonorrhea. I’ve never heard of pregnancy or ruptured ovarian cysts being a cause of increased vaginal discharge either (like casheroo). Good luck.

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Wait. Husband? Weren’t you just recently starting to date?

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Yeah, I was. I’ve only been with him for 3 months, but I have known him for years. We got married 2 weeks ago. It seems crazy, I know.

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@kelly8906 So, how are you doing?

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I went to the hospital, and they told me it was Pelvic Inflammatory Disease. They gave me a strong antibiotic and told me I should feel better in a few days..I do feel better, but I hope there is no permanent damage done to my reproductive organs because I really want to have another child at some point in the next few years.

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