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Are they praising something or someone on this video and if so who or what?

Asked by PunkMaister (8points) April 28th, 2009

On this music video from the TV show “The tribe” the sonmg is like sort of praise but to whom God some pagan deity? What? Here’s the link:

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They don’t say it outright but the imagery and choreography hints at some sort of religious connotation. Suffice it to say, whatever they’re saying in that video isn’t my sort of thing.

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From what I gather by looking stuff up, it’s a tv series about a post-apocalyptic world where there are no more adults. I imagine they are praising some concept of hope for a future/better world, etc. just a guess though, I don’t really know.

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That was pretty awesome. Thank you.

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Looks like a bunch of dragonball rejects

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Well, “Come the messiah, hey, hey. Come the messiah, just look this way.” Yup. Definitely a pagan deity.

Jesus Christ! Not to put too fine a point on it. Is this a real question, or a troll? Of course it’s Christian. I recently saw a report from interviews with young people about their feelings about the Bible. They said it was out of date and pretty much irrelevant.

The take home lesson was that the Christians needed to get hip if they wanted to “speak” to youth. This is someone’s really pathetic attempt to get hip. The semi-hip hop dancing done at about one-eighth the speed of real hip hop; the hairdoos and body piercings that look like costumes put on beauty contest winners from the heartland; my god! Get this! What could they have been thinking? The Michael Jacksonesque holding up a baby over a cliff? I mean, really. Do Joseph and Mary have to be hauled in to Children’s Protective Services now?

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yeah I got to the 12 second mark where they start doing that choreographed dancing and closed the window.

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There’s a lot of really bad Christianist art out there. This is just one more example.

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@adreamofautumn is right. It’s from a TV show. The song appears to be an amalgamation of various spiritual and religious ideas.

@daloon The baby-over-cliff made me think of the Lion King before Michael Jackson.

@daloon and @cwilbur You’re both assuming that this is bad Christian art, and you’re completely ignoring that it’s simply not the case here. Did you see the elements of other religions/spiritualities? Either read what @adreamofautumn said, or google “The Tribe” for yourself.

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@aidje: it’s laugh-inducingly bad regardless, so whether it’s pure Christianist (not Christian) or adulterated Christianist is largely irrelevant.

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@cwilbur It does matter, because you were saying that it was something that it’s not. The OP asked what it was, and you gave a flagrantly incorrect and unresearched response that even ignored a portion of the subject itself.

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@aidje: Um, I think it is pretty blatantly Christianist, because I watched the video. I’m sorry if that conclusion offends your sensibilities or if you think that “elements of other religions/spiritualities” excuses bad propaganda art.

Actually, no, I’m not terribly sorry. Still, your offense is your problem, not mine.

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I think it does have Christian overtones, no question, but I think there is some other stuff mixed in. Really, I think…as I said it’s a tv show about a post-apocalyptic world and incorporating really religious stuff (any religion really) makes people squirm, which is probably exactly what they were going for.

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@cwilbur It’s not propaganda. It’s from a TV show. Fiction. They wanted the show to have pseudo-religious elements, so they used the word messiah, danced in nature, showed a couple of totem poles, and sang some stuff about being a guiding light and having a hopeful future.

If your words offend me, it’s only because of the lack of intellectual honesty involved—not because I think you’re insulting my religion. You’re ignoring the nature of the video to suit your own prejudices. At least that’s what it looks like from here.

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