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Most embarassing place you have fallen asleep?

Asked by alive (2933points) April 29th, 2009

I was about 11 years old, I was at the community center day camp. Earlier that day there was an larger group of elderly people playing bingo at the community center. I went to the bathroom and someone was in there. Her feet were not in the usual position though. I remembered all the old people and the first thing the came into my head was that this person had died on toilet. I panic and ran to the camp counselor. Apparently this person had fallen asleep on the toilet, not died (thank god).

Ever fallen asleep somewhere and been seen or caught, or just wake up on your own and realize how bizarre it was that you slept there?

I always fall asleep on the bus and wake up to see people laughing at me. haha I’m not really embarrassed, but I can see the humor in it.

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Fell asleep standing up in a classroom when we were watching napoleon dynamite ended up leaning back and fell against a shelf with wheels it started to move and EVERYONE turned around see what the commotion was about

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My senior year in high school; Although, I wasn’t embarrassed until my freshman year of college.

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…toilet. Public Toilet.

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when i was younger my mom would go to bible studies. one da i had a fever but we went anyway. i felt okay at first but then i started to feel feverish agin, so i went to my mom and sat by her and then fll asleep and snored realy loudly

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Years ago in college, I was working for Missouri Pacific railroad parttime. I stopped at a red light about 2:00am (no traffic), put the car in park and slept for several minutes until someonehonked their horn to wake me up.

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When i was younger my mom made me go to Times Square Nondenominational Church with her every Sunday.

I fell asleep a few times, she woke me up when they caught me on the big screen.

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At the prom!! Not my prom by a friend of mine`s. It was really embarassing because a few kids started poking my face until I woke up.

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I’ve fallen asleep in church, too, and when I was caught I’d get a very painful twisting of the flesh above my knee! Once I yelped aloud!

Most embarrassing was on the school bus. The other kids, cruel only in the way children can be, tried to stick pencils up my nose and whatnot. Ruddy little bastards.

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Onto a Japanese woman. She was sat next to me on the train, and I don’t really recall falling asleep, but I woke up with my head resting on her shoulder.

The weird thing is she didn’t seem to mind, she just smiled at me when I lifted up my head and was all like “WTF?”

I think I’d been asleep ten minutes or so.

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I fell asleep with my head on the table in biology class in high school during a video. They had those big black tables. The bell rang and I woke up to a big puddle of drool and everyone sitting very far from me.

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Toliet…Not public thank god but my family has pictures

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It was probably the choir pit while a sermon was going on lol. I think it was one of those quick head bob things. definitely embarrassing.

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I’m weird, but I just can’t fall sleep anywhere. It has to be somewhere I’m comfortable with my surroundings.
I think falling asleep on my bathrooom floor after a night of drinking is probably the more embarrassing.

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In a socratic-seminar-type discussion group my first week of college.

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On the steps of the Met in NYC on a sunny July afternoon. After a whole afternoon of walking around perusing the museum I was tired and took a snooze on my boyfriend for a good half an hour.

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I fell asleep in my dynamics class in college. The embarrasing part was when the professor threw a piece of chalk at me because I was snoring.

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I fall asleep CONSTANTLY now that I’m in college, somehow I feel it’s a curse. Anyways, the first time I fell asleep was during a movie we had to watch during orientation that was supposed to be teaching about diversity. I fell asleep later that day in the speech for my major.. Kind of embarrassing when you don’t even go to the school yet and are falling asleep in everything and when you need to meet new people.

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On airplanes, I snore really loud.

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Atop gf.

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The worst was when I fell asleep on the floor in the main public library downtown. I was by myself, and woke up surrounded by the books I had been studying and a note from someone that said “sweet dreams!”
Other than that, my roommate once came back to our dorm to find me asleep curled up on her desk. No clue why I slept there instead of my bed which was about 5 feet away.

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