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What is that one big thing you're saving your pennies for?

Asked by FGS (1932points) April 29th, 2009

I want a new band saw with a 6 inch cut depth….Not the most interesting desire, I know :/

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A home of my very own.

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@hearkat A VERY worthy goal…nothing beats it!!

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@FGS: Thanks; I’m looking forward to it! Hopefully it will happen this year or next.

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@hearkat Now is a GREAT time to buy!!

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A new bed. We have a double bed that we bought our last year in college. I’m saving for a king size sleep number bed. Ahhh…

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@tinyfaery I wonder how nice those sleep number beds are…I assume they are expensive but a good night sleep is worth it’s weight in gold.

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@boots Life is what you make doesn’t take any pennies to make it a good one.

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A laptop computer.

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My engagement ring and our wedding bands.

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@FGS: I’m rebuilding credit, so getting a loan may be tough. Plus I have nothing in terms of furniture and appliances, so I need to save a lot for a big down-payment and for all the do-dads to put in the house.

@tinyfaery: Radisdon Hotels have Sleep Number beds if you want to try it. I thought it was pretty good; but I bought a Simmons ComforPedic that has the memory foam over a denser foam, and I love it.

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@FGS True, but I have like… no pennies.

I’m mostly saving money for no real reason. For a time that I’m not aware of now, but when it comes, I’ll be glad I saved.

My most recent large purchase (large for me anyways) was a 120$ bus ticket. Other than that, I’ve been saving except for some food, drink, and gas.

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A baby sister for my daughter.

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A house. And then a trip to Scotland with my hubby (I’ve been dying to take him there since I went 8 years ago, but we’ve never had the time or money…)

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College funds. Possible a vacation, too! :)

I have two children, one 15 and the other 6. I started saving for both of them, the day they were born. My daughter just learned how much is in her account and asked if she can deposit, too. She’s been holding on to money she hasn’t used for outings – the girl had $400 stashed in her room! :)

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I’ve almost got a jar filled with them…Woo hoo!

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OMG there’s another! How long has this been going on?

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A bunch of quarters.

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2009 Chevrolet Camaro. The 6-cylinder model is only $21,000 and close to 25 mpg.

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@SeventhSense lol, about 2 years :P

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Alas such betrayal…

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My wedding

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An Yves Klein original.

@EnzoX24: I got to scope out the 2009 Camaro when I shot my Chevy ad. I’m very pleased with what they’ve done.

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This (Models -> B-60)

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@cak Your daughter sounds like me as a child. I’d work so many odd end jobs, like dog walking, being a mother’s helper, and coat checking. I’d hoard my money in my room, and my mother found it one day and was like, “What the heck? Take this to the bank!” nd that’s howI got my very own bank account lol

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My next vacation, although I haven’t decided to where yet, LOL.

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Moving to San Francisco!!!!

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@casheroo that’s her. She’s always doing things to earn money. We finally sat her down and explained what was in her college fund, and I think she was surprised. What she really didn’t realize was I started her fund when she was born. I’m glad she’s a saver and my husband is the first to admit she got it from me. I was just shocked that she had it stashed, knowingly her little brother will find money!

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A surgery I desperately need and thanx to our great healthcare system cannot get for a year and a half.

AND we just found out we will have to save up money for the month hubby will likely be off work after his surgery. Yikes.

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