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What place would this image represent?

Asked by RedPowerLady (12571points) May 1st, 2009

What place would this image represent. It is supposed to represent an actual location somewhere in the world.

Image: A Mountain that is Blue and Red with a strip of a Gold flowing across it.

Now I know some places they have actual “painted hills”. Here in Oregon they are red and orange and white but no blue (that I remember). So i’m not sure if they are painted mountains that are red and blue.

But I’m also thinking it could represent a place that does not have those colors on it literally. Perhaps the colors represent the name of the place or an event that happened there. Any ideas?

I know it is an odd question so I don’t expect many responses, lol, but if you do have any ideas it would be fantastically appreciated.

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Do you have any context for this? That could be important.

As for blue mountains in OR, don’t forget the Blue Mountains!

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@crisw Thanx. I can’t believe I didn’t know about those.

No context for it at this point but thanx for asking, I understand how that could be important.

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I read this and I immediately thought of Shenandoah and the Blue Ridge Mountains.
They really do look like this every fall. It’s gorgeous.

My state is better than your state! :)

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oz. follow the yellow brick road…

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What the explorers found when they were looking for the mountain of gold

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I don’t have an answer, really don’t understand the question, but looking at the links have been fun!

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@asmonet Thank you. Absolutely Beautiful!

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@YARNLADY Blue and red and gold, very possible. Thanx!

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I took this picture of these striped mountains as I was flying into Las Vegas. I’m pretty proud of it. :)

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@3or4monsters Great picture. And I see blue, red, gold. Thanx!

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@3or4monsters very professional looking photo. It shows great detail, great framing, and perfect focus.

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In southern Queensland Australia, there is a place called Rainbow Beach. So named because the cliffs that come down to the sand are of all colors, there is blue and red and of course the golden sand and sun. If you google it I am sure you can find some pics.
It is one of my favorite beaches in a land full of spectacular beaches!

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@YARNLADY Thank you. :) I am very happy at how well it came out. Through a plane window, with a $200 digital camera…. here is the shot of different mountains that I took from the same flight, leaving Seattle.. you can actually see the plane wing in it, hehe. :)

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@rooeytoo I did google it and that is a good suggestion as well. So pretty!

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I have enjoyed the various links, as where I live we don’t have mountains, but I can’t help wondering. What occasioned this question? Can you give us some background?

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Where are you? I grew up in Michigan, where there are also no mountains. When I was a kid, I thought that all mountains must have pointy tops, like in cartoons :>)

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@crisw – I live in southern Texas, on what was the bottom of the sea during the Pleistocene. Basically, it is a flat plain made up of clay and bits of ancient sea shells.

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@Darwin well i’m not sure I want to say because I’m sure others and perhaps yourself would umm… laugh at best…

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@fireside Thank you very much.

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